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Sumerian\'s Structures
The sumerian architecture oral presentation was an interesting and fun way to learn about sumerian architecture. Our class was split up into seven groups and we chose one of the following: architecture, art, warfare, government, trade, religion and t (More)
Editor\'s Letter
The letter to the editor was an interesting way to explore Hammurabi\'s Code of Law. I enjoyed arguing about one of the laws because you get to persuade Hammurabi into changing or banishing a law. I learned that there were 282 laws in total and each (More)
How Did We Become Humans?
In December, we had a human evolution comic strip timeline. I was working with Sophie and Tina and we were very hard-working although we rushed at the end. We had learned about Australopithecus, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon and (More)
World hunger research
Human causes: - over population - poor/ lack of food distribution - war Natural causes: - insect plagues - unseasonably cold weather - extreme rainfall - flooding - drought Examples of famines in the world ( 3 ) where, when and how many effec (More)
What are your intelligences??
After taking a test online that helps you find out your intelligences, I found out that my highest ones were intrapersonal, logical-mathematical, and visual- spatial. When asked to do some research on my top two intelligences, I chose logical-mathem (More)
Garibaldi Lake Trip Report
Remember Garibaldi Lake from September? Normally, in the winter, it freezes over and the ice is buried under several feet of snow. However, due to the stupid warm winter we had, the several feet of snow failed to materialize and Garibaldi Lake is, ef (More)
Progress Report Reflection
OK, progress reports came back a long time ago, but I\'m only doing this now. Sorry.   English: Most of my scores were in the 5-6 band, with part of criterion A in the 7-8 band. However, my use of organizational structures was in the 3-4 b (More)
Gambier Island Trip Report
A while ago (April 4), the BC Artificial Reef Society sank a ship in the waters of Gambier Island (in Howe Sound). Dad\'s friend Ken owns a boat, and invited Dad, me, and and Ken\'s friend Matt (along with Tundra the dog) to see the ship sinking then (More)
Spring Break 2015
For the last few years, Dad’s been on a quest to visit every national park in the US. Last spring break, he took Pips, Nana, Isla, and I on an epic road trip across the US Southwest from Arizona to Texas and up to Colorado. Because Isla had been a bi (More)
Eastern Canada Trip Experience
The weather turned warmer and the non existent snow here in Vancouver has melted, as this year\'s grade 9 students including myself embarked on a journey to Eastern Canada. Our trip consisted of a week in the freezing climate, where we visited 3 citi (More)
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