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The Tragedy of the Career Fair
About 2 weeks ago, the grade 8 and 9 students had the chance to attend the career fair. "Career Fair". Even the name sounds scary. It is crazy to think that grade 8 students should be thinking about their future so early in their lives. I'm only thir (More)
Inside My Head
Recently we have watch Inside Out during Life and Learning and I have found it to be a very interesting film. Although it is a cartoon made for children it has a much stronger meaning that is about how your memories are what create your personality. (More)
Spring break, Lows and Highs
This spring break was very fun, exciting and adventurous.  This break I went to shanghai as an exchange student for 2 weeks. I went with some of my friends in grade seven, as well as some grade 6,8 and 9 students along with Mr. Cusbert.   (More)
Me, Myself & I
    This Spring break I was one of my best out of all spring breaks, because I got to wake up until 12 at night on my computer, Eat anything thing I want during the day, wear whatever I woud like. But I mean it was only Me, Myself & I, no one els (More)
Spring Break
Spring Break High points:  There were many spring break highlights for me. One of my favourites was how I went to a friend's house to sleep over for 3 days and then my other friend came over to my house for another week and I went to her house for (More)
Next 3 Months
So, it's already April. Not really, but close enough. I guess there's only around 3 months left of school. My goals between now and summer break? Hmm. I guess, it's to try harder (in class). I'm happy with myself that I'm starting to try (More)
Spring Break
Spring was okay. A few days of it was essay writing, but I am happy that I wrote some good essays. It wasn't that fun, though. And then came my dad, resulting in eating outside often. Then we went to Whistler, which was okay. The tubing park was not (More)
Decision Making Hardships
I feel the biggest struggle for the youth when they make decisions is that they have a biased opinion on everything. For example if they are a student but, they get a free entree in a sport school. They will probably want to do it because the sport (More)
Today in Life and Learning, a course about life skills, we were tasked with writing a multi-paragraph blog post about decision making. More specifically, How personal decisions impact friendships, and is learning how to make appropriate decisions a s (More)
In Life & Learning class, we are learning about decision making. Personal decisions can impact friendships in negative and positive ways. It depends what the decision is. If it is a decision that the friend may not like, it creates a negative imp (More)
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