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Struggles when making decisions
I feel the biggest struggle for the youth when they make decisions is that they have a biased opinion on everything. For example, if they are a student but, they get a free entree in a sports school. They will probably want to do it because the spor (More)
Decision making and impacts
Today in Life and Learning, a course about life skills, we learned about decision making. More specifically, How personal decisions impact friendships, and  Is learning how to make appropriate decisions a skill or are you born with this ability. How (More)
Reflection -- Inside Out
Today in life and learning we watched the movie Inside Out, a movie about Riley's emotions inside her. The emotions are joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust. I am going to compare two characters from the movie: Joy and Sadness. Joy is always wantin (More)
Term 1 Relfection
Something that I accomplished this term that I am proud of is Night of the Notables. Night of the Notables was a big project that we as grade 8's did in English. I am proud of many things that I did for this project. First, I was able to portray my c (More)
Sophie Ye\'s Goal
I had a lot of goals at the start of term one, and I wrote all of them done on my grow goal sheet, the one that I really want to achieve right now as soon as possible is the Academic goal, this one is the one that i wanted to achieve at the stat of t (More)
Digital Literacy
Yesterday in one of the digital literacy class, I learned how to use google chrome in a easy way. For example, in google chrome you can pin a tab: it is you put it to where you can always see, and you only to to press it to get there. Also, another w (More)
My Values
This week in Life and Learning we were discussing what our most treasured values are. That is when I started to think a lot about my values, I decided that the thing I value most is definitely my family. I was born in Vancouver but at two months old (More)
Study habits ~ 2 stars, 1 wish
Homework can sometimes be hard to deal with. Study habit have their own way of developing along the way. Whether they are positive or negative is your choice. One of my positive study habits  is that I do my homework first thing when I get home from (More)
My personality
During Life & Learning, we did a quiz on our personality. The results of this quiz for me was ENFJ ( The Protagonist ). I leaned many things during this class and a few were very useful. Under the category  of  career paths, I leanred that I w (More)
Study Habits
I have many study habits many are good I will list 2 of the positive study habits I have. My first good study habit is that I do not leave anything to last minute. I also finish what I start and I do not stop until it is done. 1 bad study habit is th (More)
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