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Two Tigers song ”两只老虎“ and New Years song ”新年好“
Picture Words - Dictionary
The Grade 1s are currently finishing up their unit on "Signs and Symbols" this coming week.  Each student is creating their own mini "My Chinese Picture Word" dictionary.  When completed, each student will have their own dictionary to take home and s (More)
Our "Goodbye" 再见 song
Unit 2: Signs and Symbols
This week we have began investigating signs and symbols in our Mandarin Learning.  We are looking more closely at Mandarin characters, specifically "picture words" that we can read and know their meaning just by looking at the character's formation. (More)
color song
Colours in Mandarin (Video)
你好/你好吗? (Hello/How Are You?) Song (video)
Mid-Autumn Festival
Recently we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival here at school.  A whole day celebration was hosted by the Mandarin Department in the Library on October 4th, where all classes were invited to share in the culture and traditions of the festival.  We ha (More)
Academics So Far
People keep asking me how am I doing in school, so I'm going to do a reflection on my academics. Maths and the Maths elective: So far things are pretty easy, and I can easily understand, but I messed up on one question in the test; I think I will (More)
Term 1 Academic Reflection
So today I will write about something that I'm utterly scared of yet strangely intrigued by: the report card. I received 3 7s, 3 6s, and 2 5s. The 7s were awesome, but I would really like them to be from harder subjects instead of Mandarin, Visual Ar (More)
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