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New Unit:
Welcome back from the May break! As we are heading towards the end of the school year, our last unit will focus on how a​ ​country’s​ ​national​ ​treasures​ ​help​ ​define​ ​their​ ​identity​ ​in​ ​the​ ​world.   ​We will use the "Panda - 熊猫" (one (More)
我的朋友在那里 - Where are my friends? song
PK4s are learning and practicing this song: (More)
Greetings Video - 你好!
Greetings video to practice greeting words and classroom words: (More)
小白兔 - Little White Bunny song
PK3 and PK4s are learning this song: (More)
Colour Unit: 颜色
For our current unit, we are once again exploring our colours in Mandarin.  This year we are extending our prior knowledge by learning character writing and using them orally in a set sentence structure. We began our unit with a familiar song on c (More)
Happy Chinese New Year ! 农历新年!
On February 16th it will be the Lunar New Year!  We have been exploring many songs, stories, traditions and crafts related to the Chinese New Year. Here are some facts that the Grades 1s know about the Chinese New Year: Each year is represent (More)
Unit 3: Social Interactions connect generations
Welcome back!  We are continuing our unit of inquiry we began just before the winter break.  Our unit will concentrate on looking at how to use our action word "to play" (玩) in connection with games and toys.  We will also explore some traditional/cu (More)
Two Tigers song ”两只老虎“ and New Years song ”新年好“
Picture Words - Dictionary
The Grade 1s are currently finishing up their unit on "Signs and Symbols" this coming week.  Each student is creating their own mini "My Chinese Picture Word" dictionary.  When completed, each student will have their own dictionary to take home and s (More)
Our "Goodbye" 再见 song
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