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Academics So Far
People keep asking me how am I doing in school, so I'm going to do a reflection on my academics. Maths and the Maths elective: So far things are pretty easy, and I can easily understand, but I messed up on one question in the test; I think I will (More)
Term 1 Academic Reflection
So today I will write about something that I'm utterly scared of yet strangely intrigued by: the report card. I received 3 7s, 3 6s, and 2 5s. The 7s were awesome, but I would really like them to be from harder subjects instead of Mandarin, Visual Ar (More)
Mandarin Tutor
This year, I haven\'t post anything about Mandarin Tutor yet. So, I decided to do a final reflection on my tutoring experience right now and sum up the year. This year, I got Sayeed Mavani in grade 8 as my mandarin buddy. We meet at Tuesday after sch (More)
Progress Report Reflection
OK, progress reports came back a long time ago, but I\'m only doing this now. Sorry.   English: Most of my scores were in the 5-6 band, with part of criterion A in the 7-8 band. However, my use of organizational structures was in the 3-4 b (More)
Integers Reflection
Integers was pretty confusing and I didn\'t like it as much.  I got confused with the answers whether or not it was a negative or a positive integer. The teaching was pretty straight forward I liked the PowerPoints, for extra review. I did enjoy lear (More)
Chinese Mandarin
I really like how in school I\'m working on Mandarin book 2, Book 3 and outside of school, i\'m working on book three from some other company since I have been using other chinese books all these years i have a lot of words in book 2 and (More)
Mandarin Help~
Katherine OBrien When you have the time to can you please read over this and see is it makes any sense?? (I tried but I think I changed some of the characters to the wrong ones): Here is the Chinese: 我喜欢上学(,因为学校)很有趣(和很)好玩。每天我有4(个班节课)。(在)星期一我 (More)
Multi-culture Club- Language Station- Help out
Today, the Multi-Culture Club had an activity called \"Language Station\"where particular students and club members will be walking around in the foyer and wait for people (More)
Mandarin Tutoring
My Mandarin study buddy is Michelle, a grade eight student who\'s very eager to learn Mandarin. Last week she told me the Mandarin tutoring are really helpful, she got the highest mark in Mandarin writing test. I also learned a lot from the Man (More)
Mandarin Tutoring
Mandarin is my native tongue and I\'m proud to say that I\'m currently helping a grade seven Mandarin learner with her Mandarin. This opportunity was provided by (More)
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