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CAS Final Refelction
Throughout my past two years in the diploma program I've tried to be as well rounded of a person as possible by participating in activities pertaining to all of the strands. Creativity: Under the category of creativity I focused primarily on the v (More)
I am working towards my DELF B2 certification for french. I was hoping to pass last November, but failed. I am now looking at taking the June session again to pass this level certificate. I am working with my french tutor 3.5 hours a week to practice (More)
RCM Level 5
I am currently working to get my cello certification for RCM level 5 with my cello tutor. After 6 months of efforts I was able to pass my theory exam last December. With this certification, I am now working on my music, hoping to pass the music exam (More)
Mock Visual Arts Exhibition
Next week is the week of mock exhibitions for visual arts students. This means that we will be gathering all the finished work we have created over the past year and a half and putting them on display. We are expected to have about 9 pieces at this p (More)
The end of mock exams and the beginning of senioritis..
Now that mock exams are over the motivation to study and find that extra push to persevere is beginning to fade. Mock exams were a very stressful time with little sleep and the weekend following was not enough time to relax and return to a normal sta (More)
Parsons School of Design
My plan as of right now is to attend Parsons next fall. I will be studying the strategic design and management program, although I will be entering into a foundation year will people from all majors. Parsons is one of the five schools at The New Scho (More)
Life as a grade 12 student
Life as a grade 12 student comes with new responsibilities and privileges. This year I have taken on the role as a prefect, meaning I am a leader in the senior school and expected set a good example for the younger students at all times. I have also (More)
My Goals
Every year it is a requirement from Mulgrave that we make goals, which I believe is great because it keeps you motivated to do better and gives you a purpose to why you are doing something. We are required to have academic goals and CAS (creative, ac (More)
January 2016
The return to school after winter break was a hard adjustment. After relaxing in Hawaii and Whistler with family and friends, it was difficult to get back into the school routine.Last week was a particularly busy time, with English assignments due, a (More)
For creativity this year, I played piano, less frequently than last year but instead I did it more much more freely. I then used what I had learned to create original music for multiple films in our film class. This felt really good because it gave a (More)
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