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The End of Soccer
This was my final year of soccer and recently we just had our final game ever, the cup final. We won the cup and it was the greatest way t (More)
The End of MERT
My MERT career is now coming to an end and looking back I am very happy that I did it. When I was first accepted I was really nervous and I didn't think I was going to be able to do it, especially balancing it with school work. The first couple month (More)
Pink Day (Feb 24th)
Today we, the Heads up Group, organized events surrounding the theme of Kindness. Through our multiple meetings, we were able to come up with several events that will represent this theme and spread the ideas of kindness. civvies toque random (More)
October Update
This October has gone by so quickly, and I can't wait for Halloween tomorrow! I love seeing all the kids and teachers in costumes, and this month is the best time for Movies! Horror Movies come out and rerun all month I love it. It also has good weat (More)
November, December & January Update
These last three months have been very busy.. One of the most exciting this in these past 3 months is I tried out and made the A Team for basketball! I haven't been able to play Basketball in the past years because I have had injuries that made me un (More)
Year End
This year has gone by really fast and I am happy with what has happened this year. School was really busy and I got behind but with the help of teachers I got through the year. Eastern Canada was defiantly a highlight. Basketball, Volleyball and play (More)
OBrienKatherineDP-CASeFolioPlan2016 (More)
CAS eFolio Log 2014 (More)
CAS Goals Goals
Goal # 1 Academic G: Get a 4 or 5 in math by the 1st report card R: Last year I progressed through the year getting better, I just need help O: I can ask for help during class, from my tutor or during launch your learning W: I will know when I wi (More)
Part of my overall goal has been reached as I have passed my B1 exam. I am taking the cello exam this friday so the result is still undeterminable. Classes this year have not been at the level I am expecting to be at. For biology, I have not been sco (More)
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