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Sports Day
At sports day, I had a blast. Every game we played was fun and exciting. I was exhilarated by how much fun a day can be. When I was eating my lunch, I was exhausted by how many stations there was, but I knew that the day won't end just yet because we (More)
House Spirit - Sports Day Reflection
Sports Day Reflection My last Sports Day ever was the best one. First, I was with and against great teams. Everyone on my team was excited an (More)
Me and my involvement in PE
Over the course of a couple of weeks we learnt a number of new skills and sports: Danish rounders, Cricket, Softball. These skills will help later on in life as it enhanced skills such as reflexes and using open space to our advantage. Some strategie (More)
Basketball Season Reflection
This year, I have been part of the Sr. Girls Basketball B team. This is my first year playing basketball and of course playing with a school team is also a brand new experience. We did not have a lot of people on our team this year and we only had on (More)
DPA Post Updated with Log
I have filled out my DPA log for the greater part of the year and I have already fulfilled the time requirements if I continue to do exercise base on the DPA plan. My activities include my badminton training every week and my PE classes every week. I (More)
Reflection #5
2015 Camp Reflection
2015's beginning of year camp was different and unique for us new grade 8s.I am in the kayaking group. For the first day, we practiced capsize after the first practice in the location. We got all salty and had no shower, the slt sticks in our hair fo (More)
Academics So Far
People keep asking me how am I doing in school, so I'm going to do a reflection on my academics. Maths and the Maths elective: So far things are pretty easy, and I can easily understand, but I messed up on one question in the test; I think I will (More)
Volunteers & Instructors Wanted: @Pedalheads Bike Camps March 2016
This March Break we are looking for instructors as well as volunteers to help with our two camps located in Vancouver and North Vancouver Dates an (More)
Volunteer @ Collingwood House
Founded in 1985, Collingwood Neighbourhood House is a non-profit organization that is devoted to providing services to the community. Our mission is to promote the well being of the Collingwood community by providing leadership and working collaborat (More)
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