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Senior School Concert Band Reflection
This year, I was part of the SS concert band and I played the flute. As we just finished our last performance of the year, I think it is important for me to write a reflection of this year. It is my first year playing the flute, although I have seen (More)
Peter Pan 2016-Second star to the right and Straight on till morning!
An ongoing commitment for me from late September till February 12th was the upper school theatre production-Peter Pan. The show was divided into 5 Acts and lasted about 2 hours. I acted as the fairy 'Zarina' in the show. This production was an enormo (More)
Final Creativity Report
For this year my creativity commitments were: Concert Choir School Play Guitar Piano Concert Choir: This year in concert choir we learned a range of songs from pop songs, to folk songs, to university level choral songs. We performed in m (More)
School Play - Peter Pan
This year I was a part of the school play which was Peter Pan. We had auditions starting in early October and rehearsals starting in late October. We had a total of 4 shows. I was cast as a narrator. We had rehearsals 2-3 days a week for the first 3/ (More)
Peter Pan Throwback
The Peter Pan play at Mulgrave has definitely been one of the biggest scale productions that Mulgrave has ever done in its history of plays. We have had professional stage fight choreographers come in to teach us how to sword fight on stage and dance (More)
"All you need a faith, trust and a little pixie dust"- J.M. Barie
Peter Pan of 2015-16 has alas ended after a long and treacherous journey of months and four final performances. I am truly humbled to have been a part of something so magnificent. Over the course of its production, the cast and crew of 107 have built (More)
Academics So Far
People keep asking me how am I doing in school, so I'm going to do a reflection on my academics. Maths and the Maths elective: So far things are pretty easy, and I can easily understand, but I messed up on one question in the test; I think I will (More)
Term 1 Academic Reflection
So today I will write about something that I'm utterly scared of yet strangely intrigued by: the report card. I received 3 7s, 3 6s, and 2 5s. The 7s were awesome, but I would really like them to be from harder subjects instead of Mandarin, Visual Ar (More)
Making A Film
For our PA class, our job was to create a Silent Film based on the 1920's. I was placed in a group with my friends Zemin, Emily, and Tianna. Together we had to film ourselves in a 1920's acting style. We filmed our scenes during the 5 day long weeken (More)
The Little Issue With a Big Effect
Right now in performing arts we are doing a silent film project, where we will make our own 1920s black and white silent film. We planned out everything and everything is going flawless, until, we found out that it will be raining and our plan is bas (More)
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