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Happy Chinese New Year ! 农历新年!
On February 16th it will be the Lunar New Year!  We have been exploring many songs, stories, traditions and crafts related to the Chinese New Year. Here are some facts that the Grades 1s know about the Chinese New Year: Each year is represent (More)
I'm Done?!
How to begin... It is extremely hard to explain my growth and development, through reflection, over the period of two years, in only one blog post; but I guess I'll have to try. In terms of creativity, I have been an active member throughout a div (More)
Debate Tournament to Princeton and Harvard University
I started to attend a debate class outside of school since Grade 9. My initial purpose was to raise my confidence of speaking in front of a group of people and develop my skills to communicate with others. In November 2015, I participated in a Pub (More)
Completion of Personal Project
This Friday I have completed my whole personal project including the write up and the project itself. The whole process for this project was long, difficult, stressful and interesting at the same time. I have gained numerous of knowledge and enhanced (More)
Lincoln Memorial
Statue of Liberty
White House
Academy of Tomorrow Last and Final Module 3
I must say that for some reason module 3 was not as fun as the other two. Actually it's probably because we had Design thinking for more like 5 hours straight everyday of this module. Because of this, we didn't have time to have many fun activities a (More)
Academy of Tomorrow Module 2
It was nice getting back to Academy of Tomorrow the second time, although this time I struggled to keep up with my homework a little bit, but soon recovered thereafter. The mindfulness activities continue to be a rather efficient way to wake us up (More)
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