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Academy of Tomorrow Module 1
I'm not sure exactly what I expected Academy of Tomorrow to be like, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. It was a really fun experience and I learned a lot about myself. It made me think about things I have never thought about before. For ins (More)
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze - My Achievements
Throughout the weekend, from the 13th to the 15th of May, a small group of students traveled from Mulgrave School to Squamish. We had planned a rock climbing Duke of Ed trip from the beginning of the year. This meant that all the work and planning do (More)
2016 CAS Final Reflection/Report
As the 2015/16 year comes to a close, I would like to recap on the different CAS commitments that I enrolled in this year. Although I have yet to complete my service trip to Kenya, My biggest take away from this year was the enjoyment I have had. A l (More)
Goals Update: E-assessments and Provincials
Another goal that I have set for myself at the beginning of the year was to improve on my Science, both in my course and do well on the provincial exam. This goal is going pretty well so far considering I just got a 8 on my most recent test on Earth (More)
BC Provincial Goal Update: Difficulties and Limitations
One of my original goals at the beginning of the year was to assist the golf team in making the A provincials this year. I have made decent progress so far, contributing a 75, 76, and a 71 over the past three matches. However, as the provincial quali (More)
2016 Eastern Canada Trip Reflection
The Eastern Canada trip was probably one of my favorite trips I have been on at Mulgrave. During the trip we did a vast variety of fun activities from visiting the Canadian War Museum to bowling. We also had guided tours of the McGill University camp (More)
BC Junior Secondary Math Contest at Capilano University
After getting a perfect score on the in-class BC Secondary School test, I was fortunate enough to be selected to write in the final round of the contest at Capilano University. I am very proud of the fact that I made it in to the final round because (More)
Senior School Concert Band Reflection
This year, I was part of the SS concert band and I played the flute. As we just finished our last performance of the year, I think it is important for me to write a reflection of this year. It is my first year playing the flute, although I have seen (More)
Peter Pan 2016-Second star to the right and Straight on till morning!
An ongoing commitment for me from late September till February 12th was the upper school theatre production-Peter Pan. The show was divided into 5 Acts and lasted about 2 hours. I acted as the fairy 'Zarina' in the show. This production was an enormo (More)
Service- Basketball Scorekeeping
As part of the Sr. Girls B Basketball team, we were required to score keep for at least two basketball home games as part of our team commitment. Although it was a required commitment, I have done it to the requirement to qualify it as a minor servic (More)
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