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Efolio 2015/2016
This year has been so, extremely hectic - but in a good way. It seemed like I always had something to look forward to, but it's also important that I look back and remember them all. Here's my CAS so far. More)
Reflection #5
Reflection (Commitments)
I\'ve jumped right back into the school year. I\'ve made multiple commitments, which at first I was worried would consume a lot of time but I\'ve decided I work better on a tight schedule because I work more efficiently with set time schedules. After (More)
CAS Goals (brief brief brief summary)
C- 1- Chamber choir 2- Vocal Jazz   A- 1- Volleyball 2- Swim team S- 1- Peer Advisors 2- Model UN (More)
Soccer Update
It has been over a month with my new soccer team. This year I managed to move up in the adult soccer league division. I am competing a 2nd division men\'s team for North Vancouver. This time of the year, however, I have taken some time off for univer (More)
Final Reflection
I have met almost all of my CAS goals for this year.  I participated in 2 sports which didn’t fulfill my goal of three but I have been going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week consistently for a few months.  My gym time has taught me a lot about Planning (More)
Canadian Highschool Model United Nations- NATO Italy 2013
*This post has just been uploaded as it was just recovered since it was written last April* A little while ago, I participated in my first Model United Nations Conference at CAHSMUN in Vancouver. This not only included students from local students (More)
Extended Essay Tea
A while ago, we had our Extended Essay Tea to celebrate the conclusion of our Extended Essay journey. It was amazing to hear about the various projects that everyone had completed, the topics spanning from filming style of Ang Lee to the history and (More)
Extended Essay: Physics in Medicine
For my compulsory extended essay, I chose to involve two of my main academic and personal passions: physics and medicine. After consulting my father for ideas on how to incorporate these two areas, I finally settled on an experiment dealing with the (More)
Final Reflection!
Over my two years in IB CAS I have learnt not only about the many activities I have taken on, but about myself. My commitments in creativity, action and service have taught me skills way beyond the 8 learning outcomes. One commitment that has been (More)
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