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Tour De West Vancouver
Reflecting on Tour De West Vancouver Our Class observed that the beach is used as a place to chuck garbage for some people. We not only observed this but we took action and picked up garbage. As a group we were quite focused,enthusiastic, and energi (More)
The Exhibition Journey Is Over!!
Exhibition has come to an end. I have enjoyed it very much and would like to thank the members of H2OK, our Mentor Mr. Jones, our Home Base Teacher Mrs. Ferguson, and Ms. Jolley. Who supported our group throughout the process!! To Learn More About M (More)
It's all about the TOPIC!
Here is a list of the topics that are connected to the Transdisciplinary Theme-Sharing the Planet.  This list has been generated by newspaper articles, our field trip and guest speakers that have shared their passions and interests with Grade 6. Many (More)
Field Trip of 2012 May
Ecology For Me-ology! The First thing in the morning last Wednesday, my grade went to Windermere Community School.  It was the first field trip of the year and I was exceedingly excited. We went there to learn more about how to make a more positiv (More)
Exhibition Reflection
When exhibition was over the grade six students wrote a reflection about the stressful weeks. Exhibition is the biggest part of grade six. It prepares the students for middle school. My group's topic was Animal Testing. We researched about the benefi (More)
Exhibition Lines
The biggest event of the grade six year. Exhibition. It was hard with all the preparing to making the PowerPoint and memorizing the lines. In my opinion the PowerPoint that my group and I had made showed depth in the information. For my script it is (More)
Exhibition Minecraft Movie
For the technology aspect of our exhibition presentation, my group made a model of an Eco friendly building in minecraft. We recorded us making the building and that is what we showed at the final presentation. Here is the link for the video. http (More)
Newspaper Article
This is a Newspaper Article about the arctic sea floor and the struggle to comply it. I learned from this article that many countri (More)
In this unit we did EXHIBITION!! I thought it was a great experience for me and it was really fun. This play has taught me to recycle and not littering and destroying our environment.  Me and my group made a script for our presentation and this link (More)
Exhibition Reflection
2012 Exhibition Reflection (More)
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