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Exhibition written component
Exhibition Written Component This is a overall summary of what our exhibition group did and what the purpose was. We studied Over-fishing an (More)
Exhibition lines of inquiry In our exhibition group we studied overfishing and we had to create our own lines of inquir (More)
Exhibition Reflection
Grade 6 exhibition was an amazing experience. From the great presentations to the awesome tweets, this night was definitely a great way to sum up our PYP years. I really enjoyed working with my group members Kayla, David and Tessa. I think exhibition (More)
Written component
This is a written component with the progress of my work and lines of inquiry during exhibition. These are important to me because it has my exhibition groups lines of inquiries. This has changed me by me recycling more and doing a beach clean up. Al (More)
Big Wheels Parody
The exhibition was a very stressful time but still it was very fun. My group's topic was eco-friendly vehicles and their pros and cons. Down With Webster made a song called Big Wheels and we made a parody of it and called it Green Wheels. Our song is (More)
Green Wheels Brochure
On the exhibition night, we wanted people to see our presentation so we made a brochure showing what we are presenting. I contains pictures of eco-friendly cars, information/facts, and reasons why you should buy green. Please follow the link below to (More)
Exhibition Talk Show
Talk Show Caitlyn: I should get to ask the first question. Sofia: No. You did when we interviewed Selena Gomez. Caitlyn: So, you did it when we interviewed Justin Beiber! Sofia: Listen. I GET TO! Caitlyn: NO! Me! We have to decide bef (More)
Exhibition Conclusion
My group's topic for exhibition was Animal Testing. We researched about the beneficial parts of it and the non beneficial. We wrote a page about all the information we found. We made our own lines of inquiry and central ideas. It describes what we fo (More)
Exhibition Script
Exhibition is the biggest part of grade six. It prepares us for middle school. My group's topic was animal testing. We researched about the beneficial sides to animal experimentation, and the non beneficial. Each person in our group contacted a compa (More)
Exhibition Pictures
These are pictures that our exhibition group took on our fieldtrip to the aquarium. We found out that lots of animals are endanger (More)
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