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Reflecting on my Speech
My speech was about how Chantecaille is a better company than Chanel, when considering cosmetics and skin care. Chantecaille is much better for three reasons: its use of natural products, no animal derivatives or testing, and its concern for endanger (More)
Overall, the whole exhibition process was enjoyable and challenging at the same time. First of all, my group members were all very helpful when I needed help. They also gave me tips when presenting and when researching, as in what exactly research; b (More)
Wizard of Oz Reflection
One of the projects that we did was an English assignment related to our UOI: Wizard of Oz paragraphs. In this project, the objective was to answer two questions using quotes and examples from the book; examples in real life; and reasons of your own. (More)
Architect Project
Everyone in our grade had to choose an architect that inspired them. My architect was Oscar Niemeyer. We had to learn about them and their work, and also build (More)
Extreme Environment Diorama
Mind Map
Here is my mind map that I will be using for the summative and Student Led Conferences. I used notes from our Guest Speakers, BrainPOP,  activities in class, and e (More)
Who We Are Summative Assessment
To wrap up our Who We Are unit of inquiry, we were assigned to create a video that shows our personal learning styles, and multiple intelligences. I am intrapersonal and visual-spatial intelligent and am Multimodel, but I learn best kinaesthetically. (More)
What Happens Next? - The Giver
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Multiple Intelligences
  This is is an assignment on the different types of intelligences there are. I did this assignment on my two strongest intellegences, muscial and interpers (More)
My Extreme Environment: The Moon
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