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Wizard of Oz paragraphs
1. If you had to choose between a brain and a heart, which would you choose and why? Use examples from real life, current events or connections to other stories that you have read to explain your answer Between a brain and a heart, I think a heart (More)
Colour Identity
Sincere Blue By Kayley Chang This study of Royal Blue illustrates me because it means trust and calmness. I incorporated blues that represent sky and water. (More)
Multiple Intelligences
  I am very proud of this piece of work because I tried my very best. I (More)
My Extreme Environment
My volcano-birds eye view This month the grade 6\' shave been learning abo (More)
Extreme Environments Assignment
For the start to our new science-ey unit, we grade 6\'s were asked to make a diorama explaining an extreme environment. Mine was, in my opinion, hard worked on but not meeting standards. This is because I misenterpreted the instructions and also read (More)
Extreme Environment Reflection
During the unit of inquiry Sharing the Planet we did a project about extreme environment (More)
Volcano Explosion
We are learning about extreme enviroments. I chose a volcano because they are fiery and exciting. I first put a bottle on the shoebox. Then I put paper around And paper macheéd it. I then painted it and finally put a piece of wax paper over it. It wa (More)
Extreme environment
I have learned a lot  about my extreme environment. Did you know that there are 60,000 species of misquestos and 4 different types of cats in the Amazon? Humans would have a very hard time adjusting because there is so much pressure on your body. The (More)
Hello Gr.7 teachers!
trim.589DC73E-869B-4C43-8B6F-5CF4F2389A50 (More)
Multiple Intelligences
We did this project to show what are intelligences are while learning! I have mathematical/logical and interpersonal Intelligences. I can show my mathematical/logical i (More)
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