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Woods Runner
In this document I wrote a reflection on a book named Woods Runner. While I wrote this I had to use and highlight (that's what the red words are)  dress-ups (sentence openers, VSS etc.) I liked  reading the book because it was pretty interesting but (More)
The Amish Tradition
The Amish Tradition is in the heart of Pennsylvania. They are told not to use any electrical sources. On the Eastern USA our grou (More)
Every year each class has one turn to create a 15 minute play and present it to the junior school our assembly was about the 4 House teams we here in our school Smith, curie, Luther King and Churchill. Please look at the link and look at our play hop (More)
Assembly Pictures
These are some of our classes Assembly Pictures. We did our assembly in the unit of  Where we Are in Place and time. This unit was (More)
Eastern USA Trip!
There was an optional trip to go to Eastern USA with our school! It was a very fun and memorable experience. We went to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Hershey, and an Amish town in Pensylvania! My favorite parts of the trip were visi (More)
Yellow Fever Essay
The novel Fever by Laurie Halse Anderson was a book about the time when the disease yellow fever had it's ginormous outbreak. I learned that (More)
The Giver Movie!
In class we made a video about the book we read called The Giver. The book is set in an utopian society were no one can see any colour. This book was very interesting to me because it showed a completely different way of living. Please follow this li (More)
Woods Runner
The woods runner is a book about 1776 during the war against the British and a child who suffered from it. When I wrote my summary I reviewed so many times it was uncountable. To read the summary follow this link: More)
Woods Runner Essay
For the unit Where We Are in Place and Time, we were assigned to either read Fever 1793 or Woods Runner. I chose to read the novel Woods Runner. After the deadline for finishing the book, we started on an essay formed summary about Woods Runner (or F (More)
Picture Book Quest
After reading the book Woods Runner, our class read some picture books individually, that our teacher laid out, and then had to go to the front of the classroom and tell the class the summary of the story, the place and time of the story (the setting (More)
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