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Mattie's epidemic
The Fever essay was a piece of writing where we had to summarize the story fever. I chose this because I did very well on it and it was focusing on using dress ups and sentence openers which I think I used pretty well. Next time I would use even more (More)
The Wizard of Ozzy
Every year, at our school each grade from 6 to 12 is allowed to go on trips around the world.  For all of the people who don't go, it's just another average school day. I was one of those people who didn't go. While some of the kids and teachers were (More)
6RJ'S assembaly photos
Check this out: These are photos of 6RJ'S assembaly. Our assembaly was about our 4 house teams and how they were made.   (More)
Eastern USA Trip-Where we are in place and time
This has been my favourite journey all year along with exhibition. I chose this because this was one of the few times in my life I was away from my family, alone and responsible for myself for a long period of time. It has given me a great memory to (More)
Where We Are In Place and Time: The Giver Moviemaker
The Giver like the Fever was a book. For this project we had to read a book called The Giver but instead of writing an essay about it we got to make a movie. This was a very exciting project because I love technology and making/editing movies. Moviem (More)
Where We Are In Place And Time: Woods Runner/Fever Essay
For this project we had to read a book and then write an essay on it. I personally like projects like this or projects in which we watched a movie and then wrote an essay about it or continuing it. This was a particularly well written book even thoug (More)
Fever Essay
Fever Assignment-Click on this link to see my essay One of the reasons that I chose the fever essay because I got a really good mar (More)
Winston Churchill - Video
My part of the assembly was to gather Mulgravians describing Winston Churchill. This video shows perspective from different people and what they know and think about Winston Churchill. The video gives people an understanding of who churchill is in ju (More)
Giver video
I chose this movie because it was my first movie ever, and I got good marks! https: (More)
Grade 6RJ assembly
Our class did a preformance in our weekly assembly at school. Our assembly is about the four house teams of our school and the representatives of those house teams which are: Marie Curie, Michael Smith, Winston Churchill and Martin Luther king. Click (More)
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