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A Good Way To Start The Mourning
By: Jocelyn Desabrais After the tragic death of his beloved Kestrel, Billy Casper walked slowly into the shed. The shed where his life and fun used to live, but now only the stale stench of wood and steel. He peered into Kes\' nest. He could not b (More)
G6 students become the teachers
In this unit called Who We Are, students have been learning about how they as individuals, learn best. We have done several lessons that have explored Howard Gardner\'s Multiple Intelligence\'s and also gained a deeper understanding about the various (More)
This is who I am
About a week ago grade six learned about what type of learner we are. I am 100% musical 83% kinesthetic and 75% naturalistic. This means that I love music, I like to learn by moving, and I like nature. There are three different multiple intelligences (More)
The Finale of Grade 6
Grade 6 has been really tiring and hard sometimes but not as hard as Exhibition, after Exhibition I realized that everything we do was actually very easy. We started off by making up some topics through the Transdisciplinary theme \"Sharing the Plane (More)
MYP to PYP video
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Valuable fingers video
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Valuable Fingers
Your fingers aren\'t only used to hold objects, or to write, fingers have a more valuable meaning. The pinky finger represents safety because it\'s small and fragile. I feel safe when there are organized classrooms, friendly people around and student (More)
Meridy's Who We Are Summative Video   (More)
Tunnel Book Reflection
My tunnel book represents all the things in my life that I love to do with my friends, family and by myself. Volleyball is a sport I love to do with my family and friends and it reminds me of the first day I started volleyball. A basketball because m (More)
All About Me
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