June 24

Inside Out Reflection

In life and learning we had a reflection process journal after watching Inside Out. Our jobs was to answer a few questions on our personality and how they change. Our first question was what type of person matured faster. Young, old male or female. Our second question was what our five personality islands would be. Our final question was how is each emotion important. All my answers will be in the image. In conclusion I think this was a great reflection to have on a movie like Inside Out.



May 20


At the beginning of the year we did a investigation on different number systems. Our assignment was to investigate then present a mini lesson to the class. I was assigned to research and present my info on Roman numerals with a partner. Altogether it was a great learning experience and went great!

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May 13

MYP6 Performing Arts Process Journal: 9 Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy Performance Reflection

MYP6 Performing Arts Process Journal: 9
Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy Performance Reflection

Assessment Purpose:
To evaluate certain elements or principles of artwork
To recogniae that the world contains inspiration or influence for art
To reflect on your performance experience

Task: To reflect on the questions below and write thoughtful responses using the vocabulary of role and theatre:

Describe three of the IB Learner Profile attributes that helped you through rehearsals and in the performance. Explain how you embodied/demonstrated them. (Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Thinker, Communicator, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Taker, Balanced, Reflective)

Three of the IB learner profile attributes that helped me threw rehearses were knowledgeable, reflective and communicator. I was knowledgable because I knew how Eagles behave and I knew what the story was ahoy put which helped me through the rehearsals and performance. I was reflective because I often got the dance wrong so when I went home I decided to think about how to improve it and how to correct it. I was a communicator when I was talking t the other Eagles about how to improve our act.

Thinking of your role in the performance (chorus member, Athena, Poseidon, Apollo etc.)… Where did you get inspiration or from whom did you get inspiration? What influenced how you brought your character to life?

I didn’t get most inspiration from normal eagles cause I’m pretty sure they don’t eat human livers but I got the cawing noise from how eagles usually behave when calling to each other. The rest of the inspiration I got was from our rehearsals.

What did you discover about yourself during the Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy rehearsals and performance?

I discovered that I enjoyed the efforts we put into the production. I found it fun to rehearse my part. I also discovered that once I got on the stage after doing so many reversals I was more relaxed.

What are you most proud about our performance of Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy?

I am most proud of jabbing in when I am flying around Prometheus and the eagle noises. I am also most proud of remembering my cues for the dances and getting the moves right.