Tunnel Book

Tunnel of Symbols and Memories

During the unit of inquiry, who we are, we created tunnel books to represent what kind of person we are. For my book, I had lots of flowers. They reminded me of when I as in grade two, I went to a photo shoot in China and I ruined a lot of photos because I was playing with the flowers. The plastic gems remind me of the time I was in grade 5 and I got totally obsessed with rocks and minerals. I made up a club that discovered rocks and even found one that had pyrite in it! I have friends forever stickers to symbolize my friendship with all these different people here and in different countries. I have dance academy logos for my love of dance and the places that gave me that love. The pictures of my family members have a soccer ball and basketball with them. I remember my brothers always forced me to play soccer and basketball with them. I have my house’s front doors that I walk through each day. I have a Chinese/Canadian flag to symbolize my Chinese heritage. I have got an IB logo and a Mulgrave logo for the school that I’ve been going to since kindergarten and the type of school it is. I have got classroom materials for my love of school and part of the reason I like them is because they look like they have been drawn. I like doodling. I have a mask, I normally hide the way I think, but not always fully. That is why it is a mask that does not cover your whole face, just the important parts. I have stars for my love of astronomy. I have hearts and peace signs for my loved ones, that they will always be with me.

Cecile Dai


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