Elective Reflections G.7

During term 1 elective classes I learned numerous things that I could’t learn a couple years ago. But now that I can access these classes, I can study things that I am interested in, and curious on learning about. My first elective is called ‘Life The Universe And Everything’. This elective starts on every Tuesdays. When I was younger I was curious on learning the universe so that is why I joined this elective class; to learn about the universe. I love this class so far because we are always learning about the universe. So far we are learning about different kinds of spacecrafts and what their purpose is. My second elective that I have is called ‘Video Production’. Video production is on every Wednesdays.  I joined this elective course because when I was younger, I was into video production. But now that I can access that, I can learn how to make outstanding films. So far we were learning some unique shots that you can do for filming. For example, close up, birds eye, over the shoulder and more. I found this useful for making videos, because if I didn’t learn these shots, I would be making films that would just be, someone following the other person while filming. The last elective that I have is called ‘Badminton’. I go to Badminton on Thursdays. I joined badminton because I love the sport. So far I learned how to catch the birdie in mid-air :). I also learned a effective move that everyone should use while they are playing badminton. The move is to hit the birdie hard, so it will go somewhere in the back of the court, and if the opponent hits a back to you, don’t hit the birdie hard, just tap it so the birdie will land somewhere in the front, and the opponent has to run all the way up to get the birdie. If you repeat this several times the opponent will eventually get tired and give up. So far I am working on picking up the birdie with my racket so transition will be quicker. So far I am having a blast with all my electives this year, and I look forward on to learn new things, so I can get better and be a pro on these 3 courses.