Spring Break

Spring Break High points: 

There were many spring break highlights for me. One of my favourites was how I went to a friend’s house to sleep over for 3 days and then my other friend came over to my house for another week and I went to her house for three days. I love to spend time with them because they have been my friend since I was very young. They are all the same age as me and we get along very well. The rest of the three days I spend my time watching movies and playing video games. 

Spring Break Lows: 

My mom made me a plan of how I have to play piano for an hour, flute for an hour, stretch for an hour and play Gu Zheng for an hour but luckily I did none of it because a lot of friends came over everyday and so I did not have time. I am very jealous of my friends how they can go to Hawaii, New York City and Cancun but I have to stay in Vancouver the whole break. These are my highlights and lowlights of my Spring break and I enjoyed it!

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