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May 16, 2013

All About Me

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April 30, 2013

The Last Quarter Of The Equation

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The Last Quarter of the Equation

The last quarter of the equation is looking back on how you did in the unit. We did multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting decimals. I am proud of my work because I got 74/76 but I wish I could have aced the test, I could have aced the test if I checked over my work more carefully. The area I should have worked harder on was the multiplying we had not done multiplying in a while and I was a bit rusty my mistake was a calculation error. My strength was dividing decimals I made no errors in the division section. There was a big connection from decimals to fractions because you can turn decimals into fractions and the other way around, you turn fractions into decimals by taking the numerator and dividing it by the denominator. I had no specific way of studying other than doing the problems and checking them. This unit was the easiest so far and I feel strong in it.

April 24, 2013

Five Finger Contract

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MYP Reflection

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January 28, 2013


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This year I haven’t taken any action, because I didn’t think action was very important. Later on this year I could take more action through projects and just take that extra step. I could take action by helping someone if they are having trouble with something. I could look into something that relates to the U.O.I and bring it in.

January 23, 2013

Transdisciplinary Skills

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I think one of the transdisciplinary skills I represent is research skills. I think I represent this well because I am good at collecting data and organizing it. I think I’m good at research is I like to ask why this happened or why it is happening. I also think I represent this well because I like researching for things that I’m interested in and that i’m not as interested in because I like figuring things out. The other transdiscplinary skill I show is thinking skills because I’m good at doing problems that involve a lot of thinking. I also think i represent it well because I can usually comprehend the problem than break it down and figure it out. I think I show thinking skills well because I’m good at breaking down a problem then figuring it out. Transdiscplinary Skills I need for Grade 7, the transdisciplinary skill I need to work on mainly is self-management. In grade 7 you need to move to different classes so you cant always go back to your locker to grab your stuff. You need to manage your time very well and not goof around getting to class. You need to plan ahead to know when you have what classes and what to finish for them. In grade 7 you can’t ask your parent to send a teacher an email saying you forgot your homework at home, you have to tell the teacher yourself. The other transdiscplinary skill I need to work on is communication skills. I have to pay more attention to what the person is saying. I also have to know how to write better for essays and other writing projects we have to do. I have to learn how to speak better in front of an audience because it will be a key part for oral presentations.

Knowledge I Have Gained

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I have increased my knowledge of microorganisms substantially. I have increased my knowledge of mold and archaea during my Explain Everything, also when Dr. Punja came. Knowledge I have gained is how to write a cookbook paragraph I learned this at shadow day from Mr. Cusbert . I’ve learned a lot more about the key concepts through our summative.

ExplainEverything Concepts

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In my Explain Everything Project I was using the concept of form when I was describing the parts of archaea for example when I described they were single celled microorganisms. The part where I explained about how they are used for cleaning up contaminated sites shows function and connection because it helps us. A concept I could’ve added is change because archaea have changed over billions of years to adapt to new surroundings.


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I think one of the main attitudes I represent is commitment. I think this because if I start a activity I like to finish it and not quit. I don’t lie because I don’t like not going through with something that I say I’ll do. If I say I’ll will finish my part of a group project for school I will finish my part because I don’t like to let down other people. One of my recent commitments is to be more organized for school and other things outside of school. The Attitude I Need to Work on The attitude I think I can work on more is confidence. Confidence in my skills of presentations and preparing for them. I have to work on my confidence in my knowledge of the lesson were learning for example before a project/test I am always worried I might fail the test or fail the project, but I never have. Confidence is a big part in organization if you are not confident a lot of the time it will lead to fail. I have to have confidence in making the right decision and not look to other people to make my decisions. Working on this attitude will make me a better student. To gain confidence I will make sure I don’t doubt myself and know that I have done all I can.

October 18, 2011

Welcome World!

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The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. — Mohandas Gandhi

Not everyone can be Gandhi, but each of us has the power to make sure our own lives count – and it’s those millions of lives that will ultimately build a better world. – Jeffrey Skoll

Welcome to the Mulgrave’s Personal Learning Network (PLN) and the Mulgrave Learning eFolio. All Upper School students from Grades 7-12 are required to develop a Learning eFolio (short for ePortfolio or Electronic Portfolio) blog, an experiential and holistic programme which develops ‘the whole’ student by encouraging engagement in ‘the whole’ world of education within and beyond the classroom. It puts into practice our commitment to nurturing diverse, well-rounded, self-reflective, and compassionate global citizens of the 21st century who exemplify the qualities of the IB Learner Profile and seek to make our world a better place. The eFolio also serves as a flexible and accessible avenue to showcase learning, self-growth and personal best through new digital mediums. The development, scope and expectations are facilitated within divisional Advisory Programmes.

The Learning eFolio is comprised of two key overlapping educational spaces: personal learning and CAS (Creativity, Action and Service). For more information on how to develop up your Learning eFolio and guidance on the G7-10 MY-CAS and G11-12 DP-CAS components, please consult the Learning eFolio overview and guides listed below from TheMulgraveCitizen.

  1. Learning eFolio Overview
  2. MY eFolio Steps Guide (includes G7-10 MY-CAS)
  3. DP eFolio Steps Guide (includes G11-12 DP-CAS)

For more information and support, speak to your Advisor and the Head of Student Life. If you are looking for student life opportunities to get engaged, please check out social good postings at TheMulgraveCitizen, Passport2#SocialGood and on Twitter via @MulgraveCitizen. Visit the Edublog User Guide for help developing your blog.

That’s enough to get you going. The eFolio should be a fun, enriching and rewarding way to explore, find or create your place in the world. Go play!

Antony Wilson
eFolio Coordinator

Head of Student Life | Global Education & Outreach

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