G12 Final CAS reflection

Out of the 7 Learning Outcomes, I would say that “Challenge” has been the most relevant to my experiences. This year in particular, I took a look at my CAS activities and realized that though I had changed as a person, my CAS activities had not. I knew it was time to explore new things […]


A few weeks ago we had our Grade 12 Semiformal! The theme was “A Night at the Oscars” so there was a red carpet, paparazzi, and lots of awards to win. It was really well planned by the Grad Committee who worked with limited resources and budget. Compared to last year, I had a lot […]

Beat the Beast

This past weekend I participated in my first proper regatta – an indoor erg race. Beat the Beast is held every year by St. George’s school in Vancouver, and every year rowers from a vast array of age and experience categories compete, as do coxswains, coaches, and parents. For novices like me, the race length […]

Action 4 Esther 2017

Recently I participated in my final year of Action 4 Esther, an event I have played in or volunteered at for the better part of 4 years. It was sad thinking that it was my final simulation, but still, I was glad to be able to volunteer again, given the fact that I was not […]

Applying to College

Recently I finished submitted all of my university applications. In total, I’ve applied to 9 schools: 8 in the United States and 1 in Canada. I’m really hopeful that I am going to get into one of my top choices considering how hard I’ve worked in school and the grades I’ve achieved, but I know […]

Pants for Girls

Recently the uniform store just started stocking pants for girls! Of course, I bought a pair. For the first time on Monday, I wore pants instead of a skirt to school. We have been pushing for pants to be a part of girls’ uniform for a very long time, and we’ve run into a number […]


Academic S- I want to be accepted to university by the end of the school year. M- I will know if I have succeeded if I receive an acceptance letter from any university I’ve applied to, all of which I would be happy attending. A- I have all the admissions requirements for each university I’m […]