This is a post which serves as support for the DPA log which I filled out on the ministry of education website for people who don’t know how to check the actual website or would rather just read about my activities in a nice little blog post (I’m looking at you, Ms. Mc.) This year I hit a milestone by purchasing a fitbit. It has kept me active because I have become obsessed with hitting 1000 steps every day. I also play hockey on the reg. By on the reg I mean like 5-6 times a week during the season and 2-3 times during the off season. This year my team had 2-3 1.5 hour practices per week as well as 3 games during league weekends which last about 2.5 hours. I also trained off the ice approx 2-3 times per week either at JK fitness in north van or at Gold’s Gym in Langley with my teammates. I also often choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Overall, I consider myself a pretty active person. I can confirm that I have completed the daily physical activity requirements for a grade 12 student in BC.

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