CAS Final Reflection

OUTCOMES: Which of the 8 Learning Outcomes did you find the most interesting or relevant to you/your experiences? Why? (Self-awareness. Exploration. Planning and Initiative. Collaboration. Commitment. ‘Global /Local Impact’. Ethics. New Skills) Commitment was the learning outcome that I feel was most applicable to my years in the DP programme and my CAS work. Not only was making a commitment to my school work -2 years in the IB programme – a challenge, but I also chose to take on other commitments such as teaching taekwondo and doing a self taught drawing practice at least once a week.Before doing the IB DP programme I was very disorganized, and usually couldn’t keep up commitments all that well, even goals I set for myself. By using the blog to post drawings I was proud of and steadily increasing the number of classes I taught I was able to create a system which held me to my commitments, giving me a much more fulfilling experience that I would not have otherwise had. From committing to training for my black belt test, to taking on four hours of teaching a week, commitment -and consistent commitment- was one of my main focuses in terms of CAS.
WOW: Greatest “take-aways”(From which activity/activities do you feel you learned the most? Why? ) As ridiculous as it sounds, I learned the most from teaching, which is probably why I talk about it so much. Working with the kids taught me patience as well as when to just let things go and have fun.  They’ve taught me how to be a better instructor, and how to be a better learner also. It’s been the most amazing experience, and however trying and spazzy the kids have been on certain days, I would not trade it for the world.
HOW: Questions that have emerged for you I wonder now, looking back on this, how many of the experiences I would have been involved in if I had not needed them for CAS. I would like to say all of them, but I am not sure of that. What I am sure of however, is that my life would be very different without all the people I have met and things I have learned by being involved in these commitments.
NOW: What next? How will you follow-up? Next step(s)? There are many things I’d like to do, now that I’ve finished CAS. I want to keep teaching, possibly become a paid instructor. I know I will continue with taekwondo after this, as it has brought me a way to relax and deal with stress as well as get some exercise.One of my goals over the summer is to keep improving my drawing skill, to the point where I’m able to create a picture a week, in almost a story/comic like fashion. I still have a ways to go, mostly in terms of coloring the sketches, but still improved far more than I’d expected.
SHARE: 1 excerpt, post or artifact related to a CAS experience One of the things that I remember the most, and will stick with me always is the quote “I can teach you, but I can’t make you care.”  This was said to me by one of my instructors when I began teaching. Not only has it been something which rings true with me, but I also take it to heart when teaching. I can be the best teacher in the world, and still they won’t learn anything because they don’t care to learn. This motivated me to want to learn new things, and to make the kids I teach want to be there and to get excited about learning taekwondo.
SO WHAT: Now that it’s over, do you see any value in this CAS eFolio thing? Now – at the end of it – I finally see the point. In grade 11 CAS feels like a real pain. You do it cause you have to and smile and pretend you are having fun, especially when you have a commitment you dislike or is difficult. In early grade 12, you are absolutely sick of CAS, because that’s all you did that summer, and you seem to forget the fun time you had while you did it. And then exams roll around and you forget all about it because it’s exam time, and you’re stressed out.But it really does have a point. When you’re done your exams, and are applying to summer jobs, to scholarships, or even simply telling a funny story, the experience you’ve had from you CAS commitments really save you. It helps you know what the real world is like, and you meet people you otherwise wouldn’t have. Some of my closest friends I’ve met from teaching, and some of the kids I teach are like younger sibling to me, I know them so well know. And it teaches you things, which are interconnected to the real world, not isolated in a class room.  And that’s the real value of CAS.Experience.

Progress Photo and Final Drawing Post?


It’s the end of the school year, I’ve going to be starting my IB exams in about a week, and I realized this is going to be one of my last blog posts. So I thought I’d make it rather special.

Instead of posting something I’ve been working on an speaking a little blurb about it as usual, I thought I’d go back and redo the first drawing I ever did on this computer, just to see how much progress I have made.

So without further adieu, here is the very oddly proportioned drawing which was done three years ago:

Redo first drawing1

As you can see, the lines are rather stiff, the facial proportions are inaccurate and the shading is… lacking. It’s not bad for a beginner, but I want to see if I can do better than that now.

Keeping a similar pose, and the colors to be relatively the same, this is what 3 years of practice does….

Redo first drawing2

As you can see, the shading is better, although still not at the point i’d like it. However, the linework is much more fluid and softer, drawn in a dark grey and not pure black. Also, unlike the first drawing, this picture was done free hand, without using the vector line like I’d started with.

Suffice to say I am proud of what I’ve been able to do in the past few years. I’m not a the point I’d like to be yet, but the improvements have been rapid and rather amazing.

In the process of blogging some of the drawings I have done for my creativity commitment, I have been able to keep up with drawing regularly and the small reflections help me think about my improvements and where I need more practice.

Colored in Sketch!


So I colored in a portion of the sketch I posted a few weeks ago, and here is the result.


I’m rather happy with how it turned out, but it really emphasized to me the importance of making sure the lineart is clean, rather than sketchy, as this is. I know now that I prefer to show shading though color instead of through the hatching that I used here. While I do like this, it isn’t my preferred style, although I do very much like the face shape.

Quick sketch


Here’s just a quick sketch I did, in between studying for exams. Trying out a new style of face shape, and I think it works quite well with my drawing style. The nose shape is also new, and again I think it goes well together.  Hope to color this in some day.


More Hands Practice



This is my second go at drawing hands; a much more realistic version this time. I’ve been trying a new system of lineart, making it look much more delicate and lighter than the thick lines I usually do, and it’s produced a good result. I am quite proud of this sketch, and it took me less than 40 minutes to do, which a reasonable amount of time.


Now to draw a hand on a person, rather than just in space…

This should be challenging.


Drawing: Interior Space



Here is my first try at using perspective to draw an interior space. This is the basic sketch, and hopefully I’ll upload a more refined and “softened” version later with curtains and things.


Black Belt test!


So I am officially a black belt now, after the all night test. I do have to say that it was the hardest test I have ever done in my life – although I may take this back when mock IB exams happen – and I passed!

It was a long night, and I am so grateful for the support of all of the other students and teachers. We kept each other awake and ran patterns and kicks. It was a rather emotional night as well; all of us were exhausted. But everyone passed, and I am proud of everyone.

Now I’m going to sleep for many, many hours…