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This drawing is one of my favorites. It’s simple in design and was fun to draw, but tells a great and meaningful story about this world. Here’s the artist statement for it:

The cubicle is a trap. Its simple and rectangular shape made one’s life just as simple, void of much meaning. This building is modeled after the design of the cubicle to simulate human work areas and representing the society as a whole. Those little characters who stands on the turquoise floors are those who have something to do or a ‘job’, though what they are doing are redundant things that result in no change to any other floors, other than a personal satisfaction. This shows the redundancy of ‘jobs’ in our current society, as we make no difference in the world. On floor one, a character did not find a ‘job’ yet, as the ‘floor’ does not have a floor. The extended elevator and the character waiting for it is a symbol for those who are ‘job’less and without opportunities. The bright colors represents the question whether or not is there happiness and satisfaction gained from the redundancy.

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