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CAS Reflection

Throughout these two years, my CAS focus was mainly leaning towards the creative side, as my goals and personal dream was to become a great artist. To some extent, depending on how one defines a great artist, I have achieved my goal. Though there are so much for me to improve on in my creative commitments and creative life, I am satisfied and even impressed with how much I progressed in these two years. Through my commitment of drawing every week, I was able to drastically increase my technical skill with pencil and pen sketches and painting, while also learning to share my creativity with others in my drawings. What I would continue to work upon in my drawing is drawing faster and at the same quality, as well as thinking of meaningful ways to depict my ideas.

My other creative commitment is Creative Charity Club. As its name suggests, through creative means, such as arts and crafts, the club was able to raise money and awareness. I joined the club since the very beginning and committed to it until grade 12. Through the years, I participated in making treats for bake sales and making crafts for a craft sale at the local mall, as well as making a poster promoting the event.

The service commitments that I enjoyed the most was Design Club. At the beginning, I joined design club as a member. Through the years, I made many posters that became on display for various events. Eventually, as the past leaders of design club left the school, the responsibility fell into my hands. Though I enjoyed making posters myself, I was able to learn from the leadership experience on how to manage others, as well as teaching my skills to others through the process.

Another service commitment was Animal Welfare Club. I had enjoyable experiences volunteering at a wildlife care center in North Vancouver, though most of the experience was office work and physical labor, but it was interesting seeing how everything worked and how the staff prepare feed and necessities for the animals.

My main and most enjoyable action commitment was joining and playing on the badminton team, it was very fun, as, personally, badminton has always been one of my favorite sports. Through playing badminton, I was able to have fun, while losing weight and becoming fit.

I practice golf at a driving range and learn golf with an instructor regularly as my second active commitment. I was introduced to golf by my father and I found golf to be relaxing, thus I committed to it. Learning golf and practicing regularly made me learn the basics of how to play golf and prompted me to discover some tricks to playing golf independently while I practiced.

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