Improvements for term 2

Since I already reviewed my report card, I organized  improvements I need to make for all my subjects.

English: I need to improve my writing skills, and word use. I have some grammar mistakes in my writing, so sometimes the teacher might not understand what I am trying to say. I also use too simple words in my writing, so I need to use some more complex vocabulary for my writing. So in order to make these improvements, I need to read more books, and remember at least 5 words each day. Ask the teacher when there is any confusion, and double check an essay, or a paragraph before hand it in.

Science:  I need to improve my understanding of the Science Process which means that I also need to understand scientific vocabulary. In order to do that I need to listen very carefully during class, and take notes. Ask the teacher if there is any questions. Remember at least 5 scientific vocabulary everyday, and always review what why learn during class. Also read/do textbook and workbook.

P.E.: I need to be more active during class time. During class time, since I don’t play any of the sports we are learning, so I am always worry about that I might make my team lose when we are playing a team game. So sometimes I just stand there, and afraid to touch or kick the ball. For term 2 I want to change that. I need to try my best during class, and don’t be afraid anymore. I also need to understand the process, in order to do good in the P.E. Assessment Test.

Performing Arts: It is the same as P.E. I need to be more active, and join the discussion during class. Since it is my first year taking Performing Arts, so I am worry about what I say might be wrong, so sometimes I don’t speak during class discussion, even when I have the answer. For term 2 I need to share my ideals, don’t just keep them for myself. Also for DWs, I need to double check my writing before hand it in.

Social: I need to improve the same as English, since in Social we have a lot of writing assignments. So I need to improve my writing skills, and word use. I would do the same as English except I also need to read more about what we are learning now to give myself a good understanding.

Visual Arts: I haven’t start Visual Arts yet, so I don’t really know what should I improve for this. But something I know I need to do is double check my DWs, and time management, since when I am doing DT, I didn’t do a good job at time management. Sometimes I am rushing to finish the works.

Math: For math, I think how to use the knowledge is not a huge problem for me. The main problem for me is sometimes I couldn’t understand the questions because of the vocabulary they use. So I need to know more mathematical vocabulary in order to make my score to level 7/8.

Electives: For my electives, something I really want to improve is joining the conversation, since I am still a new student, so I am always really shy. I don’t talk a lot during the electives, I am like a quite person, but I am actually not like that. So I really want to try to join the conversation in my electives for Term 2.

I hope I could achieve my goals at the end of the year by following all these plans above! Fighting!!!!




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