Math – Unit 1 Test Reflection

For the math unit 1 test, I think I failed because I didn’t do the last questions, and also I have some small problems on theĀ  previous pages. I think I am not well prepared because I had missed one class (the art field trip), and I was struggling with that lesson while I am reviewing.And also I didn’t get time to finish all the questions on the review packages, so something I need to work on is my own time management. Also something I find might be helpful is to let the test happening on a Wednesday/Thursday, etc days other than Monday because we can get extra helps from the teacher on Monday, and Tuesdy. If we have the test on Monday, we don’t really have time to ask questions, and also if we asked on the previous week, we would usually forget over the weekend. And also I think for the review class, the teacher should pull out some very chanllenge questions from the review packages, and go through together, rather than let us do the review packages, and ask questions we don’t know. And for next time/test, I would manage my time well, and hope I can get a good mark!

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