Math – Mid term exam

The whole Grade 9 honor math had our mid term exam on Wednesday. I did most of the review packages the teacher gave to us, and I also looked through the power points on the class page; however, I didn’t feel that confident for the test because I was still confuse about some concepts, like when to use them, so I just tried my best to do the test. I think I did an ok job on it, however, I think I should do a better job. I think for this test I would get a 5 or highest a 6.

For my next test I want to get a 7, and I will try my best to understand the math concept. And for my upcoming report card, I think for math I might get a 6, and for the second term, my goal is to get a 7. Math honor is kind of challenge for me, so I might need to spend more time later on it, in order to improve my marks. Some of the main areas I need to improve are understand the math concepts, and use what I know to solve some unknown situations or more challenging questions.

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