2015 Spring Break – Costa Rica Service Trip

This spring break, I went to Costa Rica with other 31 Mulgrave students (Grade 9 and 10), and 4 Mulgrave teachers. This service trip is organized by the same organization which organized the Ecuador Service Trip I went last spring break. For this service trip, the project is saving the sea turtles on the pacific coast and the Caribbean coast, Costa Rica. We need to save them because they are endangered since people are stealing the eggs, or killed the sea turtles for other uses.

It was a very fun and remarkable experience. We worked as a whole team when we are moving sand bags, we took care of the sick ones, and we enjoyed our time of living together. I also learned a lot about the sea turtles, and it was really amazing to be able to see two of them actually laying eggs during the night. I challenged myself by getting out of my comfort zone because the weather at Costa Rica was very hot and humid, and I’ve never experienced weather like that, so it was a big challenge for me. At the second place, all thirty-two people lived in one room and shared two toilets and showers. It was an amusing experiment because none of us have experienced this before. Everyone was squished into this tiny room with many bunk beds. Some of our bunk beds actually broke when we slept on them, so we had to replace it or sleep with someone else.

In general, this was an interesting and fun trip because I got to experience what lives are like in a different country and I was able to contribute in making some positive changes in that country with my help. If it is possible, I would like to go on some more trips like this or contribute in making changes in the world through organizations like Me to We.

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