2015 Duke of Edinburgh Horse Bike Riding Bronze Trip

This weekend I went on a Duke of Edinburgh Horse Bike Riding Bronze Trip with other 13 Grade 9 students, and two Mulgrave teachers. It was a three days trip, and I think it was remarkable experience because we got to interact with nature, which is something that we don’t do normally. We had no computers, no internet connections, so everyone needs to talk, play, and cook together. After this trip, I became closer with a lot of people who I didn’t talk normally, and I also got to improve my camping skills, that include setting up the tent, cooking, etc.

The place we went is located at the South of Birken, North of Pemberton. We have three guides, Paula, Don, and Aibby. We learned how to direct the horse by using the western styles instead of the British style. The trial was fun to ride on because sometimes it has some really steep hill where we needed to lean back when we were going downhill to help the horse, and lean forward when we were going uphill. Since all of us were inexperienced, so the majority of us were very nervous, especially when one of our group mate’s horse fell off the trail. All of us were shocked, however, the person managed to get back up which was very impressive to see. I’ve only experienced riding horse in the arena, so riding a horse on a trial is very new, and fun for me.

I enjoyed this experience a lot because I was able to explore and create a close connection with the nature around me which is something I didn’t do very often. Furthermore, I was able to use the skills I have in horse bike riding and then implement and developed them throughout the trips. The most important thing that I develop in this trip is how to work with a group of classmates and organize a trip of our own. I think that this is a very essential skill to have and I am looking forward to the next year’s Duke of Edinburgh Trip.


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