Jazz Band (Whistler Music Festival/Skills Development)

This weekend I went to the Whistler Music Festival with the Senior School Jazz Band and Jazz Choir. I participated in this festival with the Senior School Jazz Band. As the only flutist in the band, I was challenged to develop and improve my skills quicker than other instrument players and this music festival symbolizes everyone’s hard work during the year.

When I first joined the Jazz Band, I was quite scared and nervous. Not only because I am the only flute player, but also because the other bandmates were very good at playing. Everyone in the band was able to pick up a piece and then immediately sight read it, which is something I wasn’t able to do well. Due to this “pressured” environment, I was able to improve at leas twice as fast as I would in Middle School Bands. Now I am able to sight a flute piece and also any instrument’s pieces that is given to me and then play the piece by using the flute. For example, there was always a shortage on flute music sheets, thus Mr.Van de Reep always gave me a trombone, trumpet or a guitar part where I need to convert it into the right key in my head and at the same time playing it on the flute.  I was able to implement this skill when I was practicing with the Mass Band during the Music Festival. While others might spend sometimes reading the music sheets, I was able to play ninety percent of it correctly the first try. The development of the sight reading skill fulfill my goal at the very beginning.

Other than technical skills, I am also getting use to the chill and relax atmosphere during the practices. Since I was shy and nervous at the beginning, now I am more comfortable of talking to others during band practices and laugh at the silly jokes that are made by others. This helped me establish my goal of becoming more familiar with everyone around me and just treat things easily rather than in an extremely stressful and serious way. I was able to use this skill when I was negotiating with other performers during the festivals and I had made a lot of new friends due to this valuable skills I enhanced throughout the year.

I really enjoyed the Whistler Music Festival trip because I was able to demonstrate my improvement of this year.


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