2016 Duke of Edinburgh Silver Rock Climbing Trip

The past week I went on the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Rock Climbing Trip with 18 other Mulgrave students. The trip was three days two nights. We left on a Friday, missing a day of school, to Squamish where we would spent our weekend rock climbing and camping. It was a remarkable experience and I was able to developed my rock climbing skills, and at the same time bonded with the other students.

Since I have never rock climbed before, I had gained a lot of information about rock climbing through this trip. I learned the different names and purposes of the rock climbing equipment. Furthermore I was able to challenge myself by overcoming my fear of height and improving my rock climbing skills. Although at first, I was sort of scared to climb on the rock because there was nothing to grab on and no place to step on, I was able to climbed to the peak for majority of the routes. I couldn’t have done this without my own ambition of challenge myself and also the help from my peers and the advisors. When I was climbing, my partners  gave me advice about areas that I couldn’t see, so I could climb faster and higher. They also cheered for me when I accidentally slipped or I was too tried. Similarly, when my partners were climbing, I provided the same attention and care on them just as they did on me. Thus, this experience allowed me to collaborate and bond with classmates that I am not very familiar with, at the main time I am able to overcome my fear and challenge myself. Even though I got a lot of scratches, I would see them as “Battle Scars” rather than terrible wounds.

Pictures from the trip:


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