Badminton Junior Gold Team

I am extremely excited to become a part of the Badminton Junior Gold Team because the team members were selected by the teachers through students’ performances during the try outs. This is significant to me because I hardly played badminton before and I didn’t even think about it seriously until this year.┬áTo be able to play in the Junior Gold Team means that my badminton skills have been proven by the coaches.

At the beginning of the year, I was aiming to get into the badminton A (Gold) team, thus I joined the Recreational Badminton Club to improve my badminton skills. I practice every Friday from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. and eventually I got better at playing badminton. My participation in the Badminton Club create the chance for me to join to Junior Gold Team. Although at the start, I struggled a bit to catch up with all the hard core training, I was able to adjust myself and try my hardest. As the result I improved a lot throughout the seasons. For example, before the season, I could hardly smash the birdie, however after the season I practice the skills and I was able to hit the birdie accurately. Moreover, I was also “trained” to be able to play effectively during a high pressure environment (playing in a game). At the beginning I was always nervous, but I listened to the advices from the coaches, adjust my emotion and then focus on the current rather than the past and future.

Other than developing my own personal skills, I also learned how to corporate and work with a partner. When I was playing doubles, I was always afraid to hit the birdie because I was worried that I might hit my partners or I wouldn’t be able to hit the birdie. However, after playing a few games, I was able to discuss with my partner about the techniques and strategies we should use against a specific opponent. The team creates a supporting atmosphere, so I felt very included and supported when I was in the team. Now I am able to play efficiently with any partner that the coach assigned me and I am never going to worry about the mistakes that I have made before. Focus and the moment is the most important.


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