Academy of Tomorrow

Starting from the beginning of the year, I have participated in a leadership development program called “Academy of Tomorrow”. We had three modules (one week per module): one in January, one in March and one in May. Throughout these modules, I was able to develop my personal skills and enhance my understanding of leadership. One of the crucial thing that I learned from Academy of Tomorrow is that everyone could be a leader, it just depends on the type of leader that he or she wants to be. Before, I always think that leaders are the ones who have the authority and the ability to order people around, but I realized I was not completely correct. A leader could also be someone who is able to listen to others’ opinions very well, a leader could also be someone who is able to organize the notes very well, a leader could even be someone who is able to support others. Thus, I started to gain confidence in becoming a leader of some sorts because now I know everyone could become a leader. I also learned other valuable skills such as mindfulness; how to concentrate at the current instead of the past and the future. This really helps me develop my studying habitat because I always¬†worry too much about the mistakes¬†I made previously and the mistakes that I might make in the future. Mindfulness taught me how to bring my mind “back on to the track”. In general, I think that Academy of Tomorrow helped to enhance my leadership skills and at the same time helped me understand my personal strengthens and values.

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