Model UN

This year I started to participate in Model UN and I really enjoyed it because I was able to practice my public speaking skills in front a large group of people. I have attended three conferences already, although I didn’t receive any award yet, I still learned and improved throughout the process. For instance, I was learning more about the international events and relationship now and I became more aware of the world issues compared to before. I started as a student who knows nothing about Model UN to someone who is able to recall some of the document that the UN has created or encouraged to remain world peace. When I first started doing Model UN, I was very shy and I barely speak throughout the whole conferences, however as I gained more experiences, I started to speak more and more. Now I was able to raise my placard to let my voice be heard rather than nervously waiting for the chair to pick someone. I am looking forward joining Model UN next year and I am hoping to bring back some awards.

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