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My name is Dina Yang.And my Chinese name is Yu Han Yang. I came to Canada in 2012, and I attended Mulgrave School at the beginning of Grade 8. This is my third year at Mulgrave.

I was born in a huge family with four children. I have one older brother, one younger brother and one younger sister. I was born in Kunming, Yunnan, China. I always try my best and challenge myself in various ways at school, such as collaborating¬†with people I am not familiar with.¬†My hobbies are drawing, reading, dancing, and music. I am not an artist, but I do have strength in art such as sketching, manga, oil painting, etc. I read a lot of manga during my spare time, and sometimes I create my own manga too. I am also interested in design, such as fashion design, and interior design. My favorite genre of books is fiction, especially books about magic, or related to magic. Such as Percy Jackson series, Harry Potter series, books like these. I play piano, flute, and some basic about guitar. I had learned the piano for almost 11 years, and for flute I only played it for one year. I use to play guitar, but then I injured my hand, so I stop learning it. Right now I am learning it by myself. I also like to sing, I like to sing songs in different languages, such as Chinese, English, and Korean. Even though I like singing, I had never sung in public before, except sing in the Choir. I want to try that, but I guess I am just afraid to try it. I had learned how to dance for 1 and half years. The style I dance is Hip-pop, since I don’t really like the feel of Ballet, and other dances. Hip-pop is a dance that everyone can learn, you don’t need to have good flexibility, you don’t need to be skinny. It is a “free” dance. I also do Street Dance which is a class the teacher teaches us different styles of Hip-pop, and it is an extremely fun class, too. Other than normal dance class, I also learn other dances by myself, such as K-pop dances. I am not an athletic person, but I do have some favorite sports such as Badminton, Golf, and Basketball (even though I find it a little bit challenge for me to play), etc. I learned golfing during the summer break, and I am also in the school Basketball B team and Badminton A team.

Thank you for reading! And hope you can keep visiting my blog!

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