2016 Duke of Edinburgh Silver Rock Climbing Trip

The past week I went on the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Rock Climbing Trip with 18 other Mulgrave students. The trip was three days two nights. We left on a Friday, missing a day of school, to Squamish where we would spent our weekend rock climbing and camping. It was a remarkable experience and I was able to developed my rock climbing skills, and at the same time bonded with the other students.

Since I have never rock climbed before, I had gained a lot of information about rock climbing through this trip. I learned the different names and purposes of the rock climbing equipment. Furthermore I was able to challenge myself by overcoming my fear of height and improving my rock climbing skills. Although at first, I was sort of scared to climb on the rock because there was nothing to grab on and no place to step on, I was able to climbed to the peak for majority of the routes. I couldn’t have done this without my own ambition of challenge myself and also the help from my peers and the advisors. When I was climbing, my partners  gave me advice about areas that I couldn’t see, so I could climb faster and higher. They also cheered for me when I accidentally slipped or I was too tried. Similarly, when my partners were climbing, I provided the same attention and care on them just as they did on me. Thus, this experience allowed me to collaborate and bond with classmates that I am not very familiar with, at the main time I am able to overcome my fear and challenge myself. Even though I got a lot of scratches, I would see them as “Battle Scars” rather than terrible wounds.

Pictures from the trip:


Final Reflection 1

Did you meet your CAS goals? What are you most proud of? What would you change if you did it again? What CAS ideas do you have for the summer or next year?

I met most of my CAS goals this year. My  first goal (Academic) is to get a 5/6 in every subjects, I don’t know about term 2, but for term 1, I achieve 70 percent of it , and there are still two or three subjects that are 4s, so I work on those subjects these terms. And I think everything went pretty well, so I am excited to see my report card because I think I could get a better mark in those subjects for term 2. For my CAS goal, I am feeling really good with it because I got a lot of activities for each category, but something I still need improve is to have some more action and service. I have 6 Creativity, 4 Action, and 4 Service. So for next year I want to keep the creativity, maybe add some to it , and do more action and service. Otherwise I think I did a pretty good job for my CAS, and I had achieve 95 percent of my CAS goals. For my socializing goal, I said to make a lot of friends at Mulgrave, and fortunately I achieve this goal 100 percent! I made a lot of friends, and at first I only talk to Chinese, or Korean friends, but then I start to talk to other students too. I start to join in the conversation they have during electives. And I have made tons of close friends too. My last goal is to get better at piano and flute. I changed a piano teacher at the beginning of the year, and he is a fabulous and professional pianist. He taught me a lot of new techniques on how to play piano, and both my parents and he said that I had improved a lot on piano. I play much better now, so I think I achieve my goal for get better at piano!! For flute, I also feel that I improved a lot because I can play the flute much clear now, before I didn’t have enough air to blow the flute , so I was always out of breath. Now I still have the air problem, but that much because I know how to control the air from getting away more, and I could blow the note longer, and longer. Something I also improved on flute is sight reading. Before I need a finger sheet to figure out which note is which on the music, but now I don’t really need it because I could recognize the note on the music sheet immediately, and play it. So I am very happy about both my improvements on piano and flute!!!

I am most proud of becoming more sociable, and self- aware for this year. However, if I have a chance to do everything again, I am going to work on my time management for homework. So I could get more time for my CAS, some outdoor activities, hobbies, and rest. In the summer I am going to practice guitar  so I am ready for the performing art circle at the beginning of the year. I am also going to work on my English which is to read more books, and I am going to take English tutor in China. Other than English tutor, I am also going to take art tutor, and I am also going to work on some art works which I will use for multiple art competitions. I might also take dance lesson at the same time, since I don’t want to forget how to dance after the long break. I would also work on singing during the summer. There are a lot of things waiting for me to do in summer , and I am ready for it !!!!!!!



Improvements for term 2

Since I already reviewed my report card, I organized  improvements I need to make for all my subjects.

English: I need to improve my writing skills, and word use. I have some grammar mistakes in my writing, so sometimes the teacher might not understand what I am trying to say. I also use too simple words in my writing, so I need to use some more complex vocabulary for my writing. So in order to make these improvements, I need to read more books, and remember at least 5 words each day. Ask the teacher when there is any confusion, and double check an essay, or a paragraph before hand it in.

Science:  I need to improve my understanding of the Science Process which means that I also need to understand scientific vocabulary. In order to do that I need to listen very carefully during class, and take notes. Ask the teacher if there is any questions. Remember at least 5 scientific vocabulary everyday, and always review what why learn during class. Also read/do textbook and workbook.

P.E.: I need to be more active during class time. During class time, since I don’t play any of the sports we are learning, so I am always worry about that I might make my team lose when we are playing a team game. So sometimes I just stand there, and afraid to touch or kick the ball. For term 2 I want to change that. I need to try my best during class, and don’t be afraid anymore. I also need to understand the process, in order to do good in the P.E. Assessment Test.

Performing Arts: It is the same as P.E. I need to be more active, and join the discussion during class. Since it is my first year taking Performing Arts, so I am worry about what I say might be wrong, so sometimes I don’t speak during class discussion, even when I have the answer. For term 2 I need to share my ideals, don’t just keep them for myself. Also for DWs, I need to double check my writing before hand it in.

Social: I need to improve the same as English, since in Social we have a lot of writing assignments. So I need to improve my writing skills, and word use. I would do the same as English except I also need to read more about what we are learning now to give myself a good understanding.

Visual Arts: I haven’t start Visual Arts yet, so I don’t really know what should I improve for this. But something I know I need to do is double check my DWs, and time management, since when I am doing DT, I didn’t do a good job at time management. Sometimes I am rushing to finish the works.

Math: For math, I think how to use the knowledge is not a huge problem for me. The main problem for me is sometimes I couldn’t understand the questions because of the vocabulary they use. So I need to know more mathematical vocabulary in order to make my score to level 7/8.

Electives: For my electives, something I really want to improve is joining the conversation, since I am still a new student, so I am always really shy. I don’t talk a lot during the electives, I am like a quite person, but I am actually not like that. So I really want to try to join the conversation in my electives for Term 2.

I hope I could achieve my goals at the end of the year by following all these plans above! Fighting!!!!




Goal Achieve

The first half of term 1 had finished, and the winter break is coming soon too. I had learned a lot of things during this term, and I realized that I had achieved some of goals already. I had continuing practice piano, golf, and taking dance lessons. The only thing I need to find is services, I had done some services at school, but I still need to find some more outside of the school, so I hope I could done some more services next year, 2014.



# Major Commitments
long-term commitments that support the 8 Learning Outcomes (noted below)

CAS Learning Outcome(s)
Time Commitment  (estimate) Service Commitment Type (Service ONLY):
1 Local/Global Impact
2 School-based initiative
*Please put a “C” in  service section for the Collaborative Group Project
Set a goal(s) for each commitment to help you achieve your CAS eFolio expectations and 8 Learning Outcomes (noted below)
1 Piano Creativity Develop new skills in piano, and play more new pieces. Full year, 45 minutes class twice per week   Try my best to play each piece as perfect as I could. And learn more new techniques with the new teachers. Continuing practicing everyday, and put more effort into the practices.
2 Me to We GEO Trip Service Do services during the GEO trip. Help the people at Ecuador, help them cleaning, help them on what issues they had in their everyday life (Don’t have a proper shelter, don’t have enough food, or water. Don’t have time or opportunity to study. We can teach them some culture in Canada, China, and other countries and languages, too). Tow weeks during the Spring Break. Local/Global Impact I never been in a GEO Trip before, but I read the information on the list, and the video that other people took during the trip, and I think this trip will be awesome. Participate actively during the trip; try to help other people solve their problems at Ecuador. And participating in-group discussion more during the trip.
3 Art Lesson Creativity Learn some more new techniques with my teacher, and learn some more different types of art, such as watercolor. Full year, 2 hours class per week   Learn the different types of art, and also continuing on what I know already (oil painting, sketching, manga, etc.). Something I really want to work on is my sketching skill since for the past year, I am doing oil painting, and with a little bit sketching, so I really want to develop my sketching skills this year.
4 Golf Action Practice more, and learn more new skills. Full year, 2 hours class per week   Keep practicing every week, and never get lazy. If it is possible I want to join the golf team (if my time allows me to), and so I can practice more on golf.
5 West Vancouver Community Center Service Communicate, and help other people in our community. 4 hours   Register at West Vancouver Community Center, and help other people in our community, and make some more new friends. And be more actively, and talk more during the service time.
6 Dance (Hip-Pop, and Street Dance) Creativity Continue learning Hip-Pop, and learn different styles of Hip-Hop, and do my best. Full year, 2 hours class per week (1 hour for Hip-pop, and 1 hour for Street Dance)   Continue learning Hip-Pop, and Street Dance and learn different style of Hip-hop, try my best in the class, and be more active during class. Share my thoughts with my classmates, and my teachers. Learn some dancing tricks if it is possible.
7 Concert Band  (elective, and normal practice) Creativity Continue play flute, and learn more skills. Try to play some percussion instruments, too. Full year, 2.5 hours per week.   Practice flute more in order to advance my skills, and ask teacher when there is confusion. Don’t be shy. And I want to try to play some percussion music too, so I can learn different instruments.
# Minor Commitments
short-term  commitments, especially appropriate for new experiences or learning

CAS Learning Outcome(s)
Time Commitment  (estimate) Service Commitment Type (Service ONLY):
1 Local/Global Impact
2 School-based initiative
*Please put a “C” in  service section for the Collaborative Group Project
Set a goal(s) for each commitment to help you achieve your CAS eFolio expectations and 8 Learning Outcomes (noted below)
1 Services at school Service Find services to do at school, such as help cleaning the art room, open house, translator, etc. 2 hours School-based initiative Help others in Mulgrave community. Help to create a clean space for students to study, and introduce Mulgrave to other people.
2 Badminton Action Play Badminton, and practice it, and develop new strategies. 2 hours per week   Play Badminton, and if it is possible, join the Badminton team. If don’t, then don’t give it up, keep on practicing and playing by myself.
3 Textile and Design (Elective) Creativity Make some interesting products. Full year, 1.5 hours per week   Since it is my first time trying textile, so I want to try my best, if I make a mistake, then that’s fine. I could always restart the product. Ask the teacher if there is any question, and hope by the end of this year, I could learn some sewing techniques.
4 Choir Creativity Sing with others, and sing out loud. Fully year, 1.5 hours per week   Sing out loud, don’t be shy, since there are a lot of people singing at the same time. Learn some singing techniques, too because sometimes when I sing I might run out of breath, or I couldn’t reach the high note.  So I hope I could learn some new singing skills from Ms.By.