Badminton Junior Gold Team

I am extremely excited to become a part of the Badminton Junior Gold Team because the team members were selected by the teachers through students’ performances during the try outs. This is significant to me because I hardly played badminton before and I didn’t even think about it seriously until this year. To be able to play in the Junior Gold Team means that my badminton skills have been proven by the coaches.

At the beginning of the year, I was aiming to get into the badminton A (Gold) team, thus I joined the Recreational Badminton Club to improve my badminton skills. I practice every Friday from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. and eventually I got better at playing badminton. My participation in the Badminton Club create the chance for me to join to Junior Gold Team. Although at the start, I struggled a bit to catch up with all the hard core training, I was able to adjust myself and try my hardest. As the result I improved a lot throughout the seasons. For example, before the season, I could hardly smash the birdie, however after the season I practice the skills and I was able to hit the birdie accurately. Moreover, I was also “trained” to be able to play effectively during a high pressure environment (playing in a game). At the beginning I was always nervous, but I listened to the advices from the coaches, adjust my emotion and then focus on the current rather than the past and future.

Other than developing my own personal skills, I also learned how to corporate and work with a partner. When I was playing doubles, I was always afraid to hit the birdie because I was worried that I might hit my partners or I wouldn’t be able to hit the birdie. However, after playing a few games, I was able to discuss with my partner about the techniques and strategies we should use against a specific opponent. The team creates a supporting atmosphere, so I felt very included and supported when I was in the team. Now I am able to play efficiently with any partner that the coach assigned me and I am never going to worry about the mistakes that I have made before. Focus and the moment is the most important.


2016 Duke of Edinburgh Silver Rock Climbing Trip

The past week I went on the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Rock Climbing Trip with 18 other Mulgrave students. The trip was three days two nights. We left on a Friday, missing a day of school, to Squamish where we would spent our weekend rock climbing and camping. It was a remarkable experience and I was able to developed my rock climbing skills, and at the same time bonded with the other students.

Since I have never rock climbed before, I had gained a lot of information about rock climbing through this trip. I learned the different names and purposes of the rock climbing equipment. Furthermore I was able to challenge myself by overcoming my fear of height and improving my rock climbing skills. Although at first, I was sort of scared to climb on the rock because there was nothing to grab on and no place to step on, I was able to climbed to the peak for majority of the routes. I couldn’t have done this without my own ambition of challenge myself and also the help from my peers and the advisors. When I was climbing, my partners  gave me advice about areas that I couldn’t see, so I could climb faster and higher. They also cheered for me when I accidentally slipped or I was too tried. Similarly, when my partners were climbing, I provided the same attention and care on them just as they did on me. Thus, this experience allowed me to collaborate and bond with classmates that I am not very familiar with, at the main time I am able to overcome my fear and challenge myself. Even though I got a lot of scratches, I would see them as “Battle Scars” rather than terrible wounds.

Pictures from the trip:


My Current CAS Commitments


Jazz Band  —  Every Wednesday 3:45~5:00 p.m. & Every Friday 1:30~2:30 p.m.  (Major)

Academy of Tomorrow — One week in separate month (Januray, March, May 2016)     (Major)

Model UN — Every Wednesday 1:15~2:05        (Major)

Debate Class — Every Saturday 1:00 ~ 3:00 p.m.   (Minor)

Personal Project — June 2015 to March 2016      (Minor)



Duke of Edinburgh Award — Every Monday 1:25 ~2:05 p.m.    (Major)

Badminton Club — Every Friday 3:30 to 5       (Major)

Basketball B Team — Every Monday 7:00~8:00 & Friday 2:30~3:30 (From November 2015  to Feburary 2016)    (Minor)



Art Assistant — Every Thursday 1:25 ~ 2:05 p.m.     (Minor)

West Vancouver Community Center — Special Events (Remembranc Day, Christmas, and such).     (Major)

West Vancouver Memorial Library —  Book Buddies  (Major)

2015 Duke of Edinburgh Horse Bike Riding Bronze Trip

This weekend I went on a Duke of Edinburgh Horse Bike Riding Bronze Trip with other 13 Grade 9 students, and two Mulgrave teachers. It was a three days trip, and I think it was remarkable experience because we got to interact with nature, which is something that we don’t do normally. We had no computers, no internet connections, so everyone needs to talk, play, and cook together. After this trip, I became closer with a lot of people who I didn’t talk normally, and I also got to improve my camping skills, that include setting up the tent, cooking, etc.

The place we went is located at the South of Birken, North of Pemberton. We have three guides, Paula, Don, and Aibby. We learned how to direct the horse by using the western styles instead of the British style. The trial was fun to ride on because sometimes it has some really steep hill where we needed to lean back when we were going downhill to help the horse, and lean forward when we were going uphill. Since all of us were inexperienced, so the majority of us were very nervous, especially when one of our group mate’s horse fell off the trail. All of us were shocked, however, the person managed to get back up which was very impressive to see. I’ve only experienced riding horse in the arena, so riding a horse on a trial is very new, and fun for me.

I enjoyed this experience a lot because I was able to explore and create a close connection with the nature around me which is something I didn’t do very often. Furthermore, I was able to use the skills I have in horse bike riding and then implement and developed them throughout the trips. The most important thing that I develop in this trip is how to work with a group of classmates and organize a trip of our own. I think that this is a very essential skill to have and I am looking forward to the next year’s Duke of Edinburgh Trip.


2015 Spring Break – Costa Rica Service Trip

This spring break, I went to Costa Rica with other 31 Mulgrave students (Grade 9 and 10), and 4 Mulgrave teachers. This service trip is organized by the same organization which organized the Ecuador Service Trip I went last spring break. For this service trip, the project is saving the sea turtles on the pacific coast and the Caribbean coast, Costa Rica. We need to save them because they are endangered since people are stealing the eggs, or killed the sea turtles for other uses.

It was a very fun and remarkable experience. We worked as a whole team when we are moving sand bags, we took care of the sick ones, and we enjoyed our time of living together. I also learned a lot about the sea turtles, and it was really amazing to be able to see two of them actually laying eggs during the night. I challenged myself by getting out of my comfort zone because the weather at Costa Rica was very hot and humid, and I’ve never experienced weather like that, so it was a big challenge for me. At the second place, all thirty-two people lived in one room and shared two toilets and showers. It was an amusing experiment because none of us have experienced this before. Everyone was squished into this tiny room with many bunk beds. Some of our bunk beds actually broke when we slept on them, so we had to replace it or sleep with someone else.

In general, this was an interesting and fun trip because I got to experience what lives are like in a different country and I was able to contribute in making some positive changes in that country with my help. If it is possible, I would like to go on some more trips like this or contribute in making changes in the world through organizations like Me to We.

My CAS Commitment so Far


West Vancouver Community

  • Pumpkin Fest
    • October 1st Orientation 6:00-7:00pm (Minor)
    • October 4th Child minding 6:30-9:30pm (Minor)
    • October 5th Set up & Family Zone 8:00-11:30am (Minor)
  • Christmas
    • December 5th Craft Table 4:30-6:00pm (Minor)
    • December 6th Pancake 8:30-1:30pm (Minor)

Mulgrave School

  • November 11th Remembrance Day 10:00-1:00pm (Minor)
  • We Are Rafikis (sold 15) (Minor)
  • Costa Rica Trip (Major)
  • Student Ambassador (Major)
  • House boards decoration (Minor)
  • Every Monday Mandarin Buddies 3:35-4:15pm (Major)
  • September 21st Welcome back BBQ 1:00-3:15pm (Minor)


  • Every Saturday Swimming 4:00-5:30pm (Major)
  • Twice a week Basketball 4:00-5:30pm and 7:00-8:00am (Major)
  • Every Saturday Snowboarding 12:00-2:00pm (Minor)
  • Horse bike riding (still deciding) (Major)
  • Golf (Minor)
  • Duke Edinburgh (Bronze) (Major)


  • Every Tuesday and Friday Piano 8:00-8:45pm (Major)
  • Every Wednesday Theory Class 5:00-5:45pm (Major)
  • Every Sunday Art lesson 1:00-3:00pm (Major)
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday Concert Band 8:00-9:15am, and 1:30-2:05pm (Major)
  • Every other Thursday Art Council 1:15-1:35pm (Major)
  • Every Tuesday and Friday Jazz Choir 3:30-5:00pm, and 7:45-8:30pm (Major)
  • Every Wednesday and Friday Concert Choir 1:30-2:05pm, and 1:30-2:30pm (Major)
  • Every Tuesday ARTattack (my own club) 1:15-2:05pm (Major)
  • Every Thursday Art of Today elective 2:05-3:35pm (Major)
  • Every Wednesday Music Combo elective 2:05-3:35pm (Major)


My CAS Commitments So Far


Student Ambassordor (Major)

West Vancouver Community Center (Major)

Mandarin Buddies (Major)

Sepcial Events at WVCC (Minor)

Welcome Back BBQ (Minor)

Open House (Minor)

GEO Costa Rica Trip (Minor)



Art Lesson (Major)

Piano Lesson (Major)

Art of Today (Elective, Major)

Music Combo (Elective, Major)

Vocal Jazz (Major)

Concert Choir (Major)

Concert Band  (Major)

T-club (Minor)

Art Counsil (Minor)

House board decorations (Minor)



Swimming (Major)

Badminton team (Major)

Snowboarding (Major)

Golf (Major)

K-pop Dancing Club (Minor)






Final Reflection 1

Did you meet your CAS goals? What are you most proud of? What would you change if you did it again? What CAS ideas do you have for the summer or next year?

I met most of my CAS goals this year. My  first goal (Academic) is to get a 5/6 in every subjects, I don’t know about term 2, but for term 1, I achieve 70 percent of it , and there are still two or three subjects that are 4s, so I work on those subjects these terms. And I think everything went pretty well, so I am excited to see my report card because I think I could get a better mark in those subjects for term 2. For my CAS goal, I am feeling really good with it because I got a lot of activities for each category, but something I still need improve is to have some more action and service. I have 6 Creativity, 4 Action, and 4 Service. So for next year I want to keep the creativity, maybe add some to it , and do more action and service. Otherwise I think I did a pretty good job for my CAS, and I had achieve 95 percent of my CAS goals. For my socializing goal, I said to make a lot of friends at Mulgrave, and fortunately I achieve this goal 100 percent! I made a lot of friends, and at first I only talk to Chinese, or Korean friends, but then I start to talk to other students too. I start to join in the conversation they have during electives. And I have made tons of close friends too. My last goal is to get better at piano and flute. I changed a piano teacher at the beginning of the year, and he is a fabulous and professional pianist. He taught me a lot of new techniques on how to play piano, and both my parents and he said that I had improved a lot on piano. I play much better now, so I think I achieve my goal for get better at piano!! For flute, I also feel that I improved a lot because I can play the flute much clear now, before I didn’t have enough air to blow the flute , so I was always out of breath. Now I still have the air problem, but that much because I know how to control the air from getting away more, and I could blow the note longer, and longer. Something I also improved on flute is sight reading. Before I need a finger sheet to figure out which note is which on the music, but now I don’t really need it because I could recognize the note on the music sheet immediately, and play it. So I am very happy about both my improvements on piano and flute!!!

I am most proud of becoming more sociable, and self- aware for this year. However, if I have a chance to do everything again, I am going to work on my time management for homework. So I could get more time for my CAS, some outdoor activities, hobbies, and rest. In the summer I am going to practice guitar  so I am ready for the performing art circle at the beginning of the year. I am also going to work on my English which is to read more books, and I am going to take English tutor in China. Other than English tutor, I am also going to take art tutor, and I am also going to work on some art works which I will use for multiple art competitions. I might also take dance lesson at the same time, since I don’t want to forget how to dance after the long break. I would also work on singing during the summer. There are a lot of things waiting for me to do in summer , and I am ready for it !!!!!!!



Swimming Lesson

Started from last Wednesday, I started to take swimming lesson. Usually, I take swimming lesson during summer break, but this term, I decide to take swimming lesson during the last two months of school because I want to finish learning swimming as soon as possible, and since it is also one of my major CAS-Action, so I am going to keep learning it for the next two months.Before I only learn some basic skills, and I am not that good at it. So this time, I want to learn more skills, and more different styles of swimming. And be good at them. My swimming teacher is a teacher who can explain things very clearly, so I could understand him, and follow what he told me to do. Hope I could be an expert at one or two styles of swimming at the end of the year (June)!!!