Completion of Personal Project

This Friday I have completed my whole personal project including the write up and the project itself. The whole process for this project was long, difficult, stressful and interesting at the same time. I have gained numerous of knowledge and enhanced my skills in different areas through the process of finishing this project.

My project was focusing on the global context of “Fairness and Development”. My initial goal for personal project was to create a project which could make teenagers be aware of the poverty  in the Southern part of China by comparing a normal teenager’s life to the life of a child who live in poverty. I wanted to make teenagers value what they have right now by knowing that many children in different parts of the world are living a much harder life than them. Based on this goal, I created my product which is to create a total fourteen piece of drawings by using water pencil crayons to resemble a day of the Chinese children who live poverty  and a day of a normal teenager’s life. Through the planning and creation of this project, I was able to develop my self-management skills because this project is basically all up to me. I could choose to do it earlier or I could cramp everything at the last minute. I used to procrastinated a lot, however after been through the process of this project, I was able to figure out how to manage my time wisely so I could maintain my school marks and also finish the project. 

I have also developed my skills of corporation, reflection and organization. For this project, I had to call the charity organization and the teachers who work at schools in the poverty regions. This involves communicating with people and listen carefully to their points and perspectives about the children. Since I wasn’t confident enough before to talk to stranger especially on the phone, this experience helped me develop my skills of communicate to others and also the skills of being open minded and be able to adapt to unfamiliar people and situation more quickly. Furthermore, I have also improved my reflection skill.When I made mistakes during the process of finishing the product, I was able to figure out the mistakes and then reflect on how to improve it.  For instance, when I started using pencil crayons to colour my drawings, it took me nearly an hour to finish colouring a small portion for the drawing. I reflected on this problem and then I decided to use watercolour the broad area on the drawing and pencil crayons for the details. 

Other than developing  my skills, I have also gained  knowledge about the lives of these children who live in poverty everyday. Instead of knowing only the surface of this issue like I did before, now I know majority of their daily life which makes me value my lucky life even more and it also incentives me to help these children in my best way.

This is a sample of the final complete project (a nice house V.S. a dilapidated house):

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.15.59 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.16.08 AM