January 2016

The return to school after winter break was a hard adjustment. After relaxing in Hawaii and Whistler with family and friends, it was difficult to get back into the school routine.Last week was a particularly busy time, with English assignments due, a Math unit test and geo test. Luckily, this week has been slightly more relaxed, with only minor assignments and quizzes. I started driving lessons this month, to prepare me for taking my N test in April. I also began meeting with a university guidance councillor at Options Solutions to help me start figuring out what I might want to study and where. I’ve decided to join the senior girls soccer club which will begin in the spring time. This weekend is Semi Formal and the weekend after is the X-Zone Basketball tournament in Kamloops. Our team has become much closer after our Hawaii trip and we are continuing to improve as the season goes on. Yesterday was the first day of house basketball at lunch. Curie played Churchill and had a convincing win. As part of the Curie HLT, Nicole and I have been working to encourage more young kids to come out to the house competitions and participate.

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