Life as a grade 12 student

Life as a grade 12 student comes with new responsibilities and privileges. This year I have taken on the role as a prefect, meaning I am a leader in the senior school and expected set a good example for the younger students at all times. I have also joined Grad Committee and been actively participating in the organization of this years winter semi formal. After attending for the past two years it was nice to be able to make some of the decisions and use my experiences from the previous years to plan what will hopefully be the best semi formal yet. My favourite part of being a grade 12 student, however, besides the grad jackets of course, is having a buddy in kindergarten. Although we do not get to visit out kindies as often as we may like, it is a pleasure whenever we do. My buddies name is Hana and she loves anything pink. She loves to draw and colour and will never let me leave without a hug goodbye. I’m looking forward to the rest of the grad events that are to come such as memory lane, convocation and grad ball which will be followed by the greatly anticipated grad trip. My friends Nicole, Aria, Jojo, and I have been organizing our european backpacking adventure for a couple months now. We will be visiting Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona and a couple smaller cities along the way.

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