Mock Visual Arts Exhibition

Next week is the week of mock exhibitions for visual arts students. This means that we will be gathering all the finished work we have created over the past year and a half and putting them on display. We are expected to have about 9 pieces at this point and a solid overarching idea to connect them all. My work is focused on the process of non-verbal human to human communication. How we know what others are thinking and feeling without them telling us directly. I’ve focused on gesture and physicality both instinctual and intentional and the differences between the two. I want to continue by exploring how this differs depending on you relation with another person, looking at communication between family versus strangers. The first piece I worked on this year was a series of six hands. Each indicating a letter in sign language, together spelling out the word “Listen”. I am currently working on two new projects, the first a collage piece where I’ve cut images from vintage national geographic magazines and juxtaposed them to create a new meaning. The next step will to be to scan them and print it onto adhesive sticker paper. The other project is an acrylic canvas painting of a girl posed with her hand covering part of her face. My goal is to make the emotion in her position and expression undeniable. I’m currently in the process of putting a base layer of paint over the preliminary sketch which I just finished last night.

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