CAS Final Refelction

Throughout my past two years in the diploma program I’ve tried to be as well rounded of a person as possible by participating in activities pertaining to all of the strands.

Creativity: Under the category of creativity I focused primarily on the visual arts. As a visual arts student at the higher level, much of my time was spent experimenting with medias and brainstorming concepts. One of the universities I was applying to required a ‘challenge’ as part of their application, with specific guidelines. I made a virtual reality as my piece and want to continue working with 3D film in the future. I also took an online course from Parsons School of Design that was a collaboration with Vogue to learn all about the fashion industry. Projects included having to make inspiration boards for seasonal collections, trend-forecasting, etc.

Action: I participated on both the senior girls volleyball and basketball teams. Volleyball was a a great opportunity for conditioning at the beginning of the year before basketball started. Basketball is a much more intense sport and being a part of the team is a huge commitment. I meant early mornings, late nights, and countless weekend long tournaments. Our hard work paid off in the end as we were silver medalists at the Provincial Championship, although we did not maintain our #1 ranking. Once basketball season ended I also took up working out with a group of my friends. We had specific mornings and afternoon that we would all go to Hollyburn Country Club and follow our individual routines.

Service: For the past two years I have volunteered at Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver. I have done a variety of jobs including CD sales, manning the information booth and art galleries, but most memorably, spending a week running the children’s art camps. I’ve also taken up leadership roles in the school community by being a part of the prefect team and a member of grad committee.

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