It’s all about the TOPIC!

Here is a list of the topics that are connected to the Transdisciplinary Theme-Sharing the Planet.  This list has been generated by newspaper articles, our field trip and guest speakers that have shared their passions and interests with Grade 6. Many of these topics are very broad and will have to be narrowed down into an in-depth focus. Use this list as a resource to help you make a choice about your exhibition topic. You are not limited to chose a topic from this list.

Sharing the Planet-Rights and Responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources

  • Water Crisis
  • Ocean Pollution-oil, 5 Gyres, coral reefs
  • Global Warming
  • Forestry/Logging
  • Mining/Resources/Exploration
  • Over-fishing/Whaling/Shark Fining
  • Green Inventions
  • Fuel/Energy Alternatives
  • Wind Turbines
  • Great Bear Rainforest
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Local Food Movement
  • Bees
  • Animal Rights/Conservation/endangered animals

Sharing the Planet-Communities and the relationships within and between them

  • Community Gardens
  • Aboriginal/First Nations Rights-land claims, perspective/attitude on land, Idle No More
  • Immigration-issues concerning increased population, relocating due to war, because of pollution, property values affecting ability to live in a communication, due to employment, illegal immigrants and employment
  • Communities that exist around garbage dumps/slums
  • How religions exist within communities (Israel, Ireland, Bosnia)
  • How communities/countries are effected by politics (Korea)
  • Natural disasters strengthening communities (Haiti, Japan, Thailand)

Sharing the Planet-Access to equal opportunities

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Activist Groups
  • Men and Women
  • Race
  • Human Rights-Clean Water
  • Monsanto-seeds and the right the grow whatever you want
  • International Rights-
  • child slavery & labor, access to education
  • Right to healthcare

Sharing the Planet-Peace and conflict resolution

  • Antarctica Treaty
  • Syria conflict
  • War-land, religion, resources
  • diamond wars in Africa
  • Al Quaeda – terrorist networks

Check out these photos of Grade 6 brainstorming these topics together:


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