Cross Country-Season Reflection

The zones in Loutet Park marked the end of the cross country season. It has been a hard season and it is my first season running with cross country team. It has overall been a great experience. My standings are always around the 50th, however, being a first-time runner, I am satisfied with that. I still remember that at the first practice at Ambleside, I was not even able to push myself to finish one interval. However, as time goes on, I started to be able to run a 2km lap, and gradually moved on to a full race length, which is around 4km. I found this experience valuable to me because I pushed myself a lot in the team. I even thought of giving up running half way through the season because I was too hard for me. When I made myself do it and accept everything, I started to be able to do it. Right now, I am able to complete a race without stopping in the middle, although I still struggle when it comes to pacing, I believe I made a great progress through this season. To be honest, this season did not get me to love this sport but I think I am starting to push my boundaries little by little. Before this season, I never thought of running 4k without stopping and being able to finish in around 20 mins. I am thankful for this season and I would like to thank Mr. Moore who pushed me a lot and encouraged me a lot this season.

Fanny Wang

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