Basketball Season-Updates

This year, I am happy to be apart of the Sr. B B-ball team. We have around 10 people in our team and we had a few practices in the past two weeks. It was a brand new experience for me since I have never been on a basketball team in the past and I have not even thought about playing with a basketball team when I was in China. Therefore I am glad that I chose to step up, push my boundary in sports and step out of Kung Fu. The few practices that we had was hard. We ran through stations, we reviewed form shooting, and practiced these skills over and over again. The process was tedious but since I have been through Kung Fu practices, I did not find it super hard to handle and I did not feel sore afterwards, which a lot of my peers said to be. We are having a game next Tuesday as one of the two games in our season. I do look forward to this season and I wish it is a good one!

Fanny Wang

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