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Kung Fu has been my ongoing commitment for almost ten years in my life. This year, I got a new instructor . To be honest, I was really lucky to meet him in Vancouver. He was the former coach of the national team and he really has nice strategies to help me get my leaps and tumbles as perfect as possible. I think I made a huge progress since I started training with him. I was able to pick up some of the difficulties that I used to be able to do in the past when I was little and fearless. I did see that as I grew up, this has gone harder for me. Although I have more power to do more tumbles, I do need to put more time into flexibility because I am growing to quickly so if I do not stretch, it just goes tight, whereas before, I did not need to focus so much on flexibility. Another big thing that my instructor has taught me, which I found vital to the success of my performances and competitions, is the synchronization of eyes and hands/swords. This has been my biggest problem in my whole career. I had always tried to correct it on my own and I did practice a lot. However, not until he taught me strategies and went through drills with me, I found the trick of making this possible and a part of my routine.

My instructor has also been helping me with my MYP personal project. I decided to make up a straight sword routine in Kung Fu by my own. Throughout the years, I really wished to be able to create a routine that has my own characteristics in it. Every week, I would have my thoughts and he would give my advice. We would go through the routine together and see if it flows smoothly and if it meets the competitive regulations.

I am really looking forward to competition season next year and I wish I can get medals in both form and straight sword. (I got silver for both of them this year in May) In addition, I hope I can start learning TaijiĀ as a new form of the whole culture that I have been exposed to. This could be a brand new category for me because the routines are so slow while the competitive routines that I am doing now incorporates speed, power and skills. I am excited for this year and every year afterwards in Kung Fu as this is really something that I wish to excel in.

Fanny Wang

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